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Unboxed: 10 canned rosé brands to stock this summer

Canned rosé is the perfect, portable marriage of two red-hot summer trends.

If you could distill the carefree, beautiful days of summer into a color, that color would be much like the enchanting, blush-pink tint of rosé wine. As the temperature rises, sales of rosé are primed to take off (#yeswayrosé).

For several years, rosé has been the darling of the wine industry, experiencing double-digit annual growth. The pink drink reached its peak two years ago, with 44% growth the 52 weeks ending June 2018. And last year, rosé sales were up 27%, according to Nielsen. While rosé wine sales may be cooling, the category is still important—especially when paired with another blazing hot wine trend: cans.

In 2018, reports Wine Spectator, canned wine sales jumped a whopping 69% to $69 million. It’s a category that provides added convenience for nontraditional settings that expand the overall wine market, says Fisk Biggar, president and co-founder of Firehouse Can Co., which produces Mancan Wine. “By having the convenience of a can, you can now give your beer belly a night off during what were once exclusively beer occasions, like golfing, boating or camping,” explains Biggar. “It's pretty amazing how seasonal rosé remains. The moment spring starts to peak out, rosé starts to flow.”

As cans continue to “beerify” wine and the warm weather ushers in another season of #roséallday, canned rosé will capture the excitement of these two popular drink trends.

Here are some excellent canned rosé examples to jumpstart your product sets.

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