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Unboxed: 6 products that embrace Palm Done Right

September is Palm Done Right Month, an opportunity for consumers and natural products industry players to push for more sustainable ingredient choices.

This may be the third annual Palm Done Right month, but the drive for more sustainably sourced palm oil is a year-round effort that is increasingly bringing together natural products industry leaders and newcomers alike.

So, why use palm oil at all? We’ve all seen the documentaries about the devastating effects of palm oil farming on the environment and wildlife. But palm oil, the world’s most consumed vegetable oil, isn’t going anywhere and, when cultivated the right way, it can benefit the soil, help protect forests and animal habitats and provide fair wages to support workers and their communities.

This is the argument at the core of Palm Done Right. Palm Done Right is an educational initiative of Natural Habitats Group, a company that grows and produces 100% sustainable palm oil in Ecuador. This initiative focuses on working to change the palm oil industry by connecting the benefits of Palm Done Rightresponsible and organic palm oil farming with brands and manufacturers, among others. To date Palm Done Right boasts a network of 36 brand partners—a group that has recently expanded to include home goods brand Way Out Wax—61 retail partners, and five business partners that share in this mission.

According to Palm Done Right, recent actions have included additional training and support for palm oil growers to help them convert to full organic management of their farms, getting rid of chemicals and preventing soil and water contamination, protecting forests and wildlife, ensuring fair trade and sustainable practices and paying farmers a premium for their harvest.

This gallery features a small selection of the brands and products that are embracing these standards as partners of Palm Done Right.

Be sure to check out the products with the Product Discovery Zone Brand logo on the Spark Change platform.

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