Functional foods on the menu in Brazil

Functional foods on the menu in Brazil

Bien! restaurant in São Paulo cooks up condition-specific fare with functional ingredients

Check out this menu from Bien!, a new restaurant concept in São Paulo:

Can't read Portuguese? I'll bet you can still decipher the flags for low-glycemic, relaxation and antioxidant menu options, not to mention those intriguing "afrodisíacos" in purple.

According to Daniela Walker at LS:N Global in London:

Created by Alexandre Chaud, an engineer and marathon runner, the concept is built around functional, healthy food that will help city-dwellers fight the external pressures of urban living. The menu is designed with different outcomes in mind. If you are an athlete, look at the Esportistas menu for offerings such as carrot salad and aubergine lasagne.

The march toward health & wellness appears alive, well, and top-of-mind for some global food entrepreneurs looking to make the whole journey a bit more fun.

Image courtesy Zomato and Suite Arquitetos.

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