Jimmy Kimmel reveals how confused people really are about GMOs

Research shows that 92 percent of Americans want genetically modified organisms labeled in food products. But do consumers truly know what they are? Or why they're controversial?

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel recently featured GMOs on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live! by asking pedestrians at a farmer's market if they avoid these ubiquitous ingredients and what GMO stands for. Based on their responses, which ranged from "general modified ingredient" to "bad corn stuff," it's clear many are perplexed. And no one accurately explains their drawbacks, such as increased glyphosate spraying use and corporate seed monopoly. 

Obviously this video is edited for humor, so it's not an accurate representation of popular GMO opinion. But as Kimmel explains, GMOs are a complicated issue. His video reinforces the importance of educating your customers with easily understandable, fact-based GMO information.

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