Sky Mall and nutrition depravity at 35,000 feet

Among the very few highlights of traveling by air with my teenage son has always been Sky Mall. Tucked right in the seatback pocket awaits a journey of smugness and scoff-heavy sarcasm as we leaf through the glossy catalog, pointing out the most incredibly stupid product on each page.

Right now the Push Pushi Dog Raincoat is the clear all-catalog leader.

But flying and nibbling through the caloric minefield of Christmas this year, I started to wonder what it might be like if you ate the Sky Mall Diet, and then sought to correct that nutritional death-wish depravity with the Sky Mall Fitness Plan.

Of course, risks to your health are lower if you are buying these as gifts. The risk that your loved ones will hate you, however, rises sharply.

Whatever the lack of reasoning, think about these options on your next flight as you greedily lunge for that small pack of peanuts.

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