Sriracha adds spice (and swagger) to snacking

Dubbed “a polyglot purée”by the New York Times, fire-engine red sriracha sauce has infiltrated the American palate, showing up everywhere from Applebee's restaurant menus to the counters of urban food carts. Such is America's love for the sauce's sweet-tinged heat that the Boston Globe threatened a “sriracha apocalypse” when a health code review stalled shipments, and near hysteria over a sriracha shortage ensued. Meanwhile, dozens of devotional websites, online retailers, recipes, and even movies pay homage to the spicy, chili “rooster sauce.” 

There’s no denying that sriracha is the condiment darling of the moment. (Indeed, if you can buy sriracha-flavored lip balm, it’s likely a trend.)

Recently, natural products manufacturers have been taking note. In addition to a new crop of straight-up sriracha sauces made from organic ingredients, such as OrganicVille’s slightly sweet sriracha, products ranging from popcorn to chips to jams are infusing sriracha spices and flavors that appeal to spicy sauce mavens. 

Here, find five top natural products that satisfy sriracha cravings.


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