Got gums? Fibers? Hydrocolloids?

Got gums? Fibers? Hydrocolloids?

You won't want to miss this in-depth Functional Ingredients workshop right before Expo West.

Functional Ingredients Workshop - Hydrocolloids, Gums and Fiber: Chemistry, and Applications

Prior to Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, Calif. - Thursday and Friday, March 7 and 8, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013 (Day 1):

8:00 am

Registration and Light Breakfast / Coffee

8:20 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Dr. Marc Meyers, Meyers Consulting, LLC and
Dr. Sefa Koseoglu. Bioactives World Forum


8:30 am

Current Market Opportunities and Future Trends, Mr. Edgar Anders, Executive Vice President, Florida Food Products, Inc.


9:00 am

Hydrocolloids 101, Chemistry of Hydrocolloids - Overview, Mrs. Aida Prenzno, Laboratory Director, Gum Technology Corporation


10:00 am

Pectins, and Carrageenans, Ms. Wanda Jurlina, Sales and Technical Service Manager, CP Kelco

10:30 am

PRODUCT REVIEW, followed by Coffee/Tea Break and Networking

11:00 am

Collagen Proteins: Meeting the Challenges of Functional Food Design, Ms. Mindi McKibbin, Supervisor, Edible Technical Services, Gelita USA

11:30 am

Agar and Alginates — Chemistry, Gelling and Viscosity Properties, Mr. Edgar Anders, Executive Vice President, Florida Food Products, Inc.

12:00 n

Guar, Tara, and Locust Bean Gum – Chemistry, Functionality, and Applications, Ms. Maureen Akins, Technology Manager, TIC Gums

12:30 pm

LUNCH and Networking

1:30 pm

Resistant Starch and It’s Benefits in Maintaining Glycemic Health, Ms. Rhonda Witwer, Senior Business Development Manager - Nutrition, Ingredion Inc

2:00 pm

Acacia Gum: Clean Label and Nutritional Advantages in Natural Products,Mr. Teresa Yazbek Pereira, US VP / Technical Sales Director, Nexira Inc.

2:30 pm

Xanthan and Gellan Gums, Ms. Wanda Jurlina, Technical Service Manager, CP Kelco

3:00 pm

PRODUCT TASTINGS--Followed by Coffee/Tea Break and Networking

3:30 pm

Soluble Dietary Fiber from Enzymatically-derived Starches, Dr. Allan Buck, Director, R&D, Archer Daniels Midland

4:00 pm

Texture Properties from Sustainable and Novel Raw Materials, Mr. Edgar Anders, Executive Vice President, Florida Food Products, Inc.

4:30 pm

Designing New Modified Cellulose to Enable Nutrition Benefit Delivery, Dr. Puspendu Deo, The Dow Chemical Company

5:00 pm

The Starch 101, Ms. Mabel Chacko, Technical Service Food Technologist ,Ingredion Inc


Day Ends

Friday, March 8, 2013 (Day 2):


8:00 am

Hydrocolloid Emulsions and Dispersions, Dr. Jon Hopkinson, Dupont Nutrition and Health

8:30 am

Critical Considerations in Application of Hydrocolloids in Nutrition and Wellness Beverages, Ms. Wanda Jurlina, Technical Service Manager, CP Kelco


9:00 am

Rheological and Tribological Measurements of Hydrocolloid, Gum, and Fiber Materials, Ms. Maxine B. Quitaro, Anton Paar

9:30 am

Prebiotics Beyond Digestive Health, Ms. Cristina Munteanu, Scientist, Technical Service, Ingredion Inc.

10:00 am

PRODUCT REVIEW, Coffee/Tea Break

10:30 am

Hydrocolloids for Health: A Clinical Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for the Future, Dr. Jay Udani, MD., CEO/Medical Director, Medicus Research

11:00 am

Encapsulation Technology: Hydrocolloids As A Protective Delivery Systems for Bioactives, Dr. Marc Meyers, Managing Principal, Meyers Consulting LLC

11:30 am

Developing Soluble Dietary Fiber Applications with Inulin and Barley Beta-Glucan, Mr. Andy Estal, Technical Manager, Cargill, Inc

12:00 n

Program Ends


Want more on hydrocolloids? Check out NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Fibers.

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