NBJ Summit Extension: Going Global: Taking Your Business Overseas & Getting it Right the First Time

Nutrition Business Journal hosted the second annual NBJ Summit Extension: Taking Your Business Overseas & Getting it Right the First Time on Thursday, October 14, 2010 from 2:00 p.m. - 4 p.m. in room 251 at Expo East in Boston. Following this event was the second NBJ Summit Extension: Leadership Secrets from Top CEOs - Growing Your Business (and your career) in 2011 and Beyond.

Think your nutrition products company is too small, too niche or even too successful in your home market to consider global expansion? Think again. The $270 billion global nutrition industry market can be ripe expansion ground for almost any wellness-related company, thanks to an aging global population; the continued spread of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health ailments linked to poor nutritional habits; a growing consumer embrace of self-care and natural therapies to prevent illness; and a burgeoning middle class stretching from Brazil to Ghana to India that has more money and more inclination to spend on health. Although opportunity abounds, breaking into a new international market can be extremely challenging from regulatory, operational and cultural standpoints.

In this session, you’ll receive a breakdown of nutrition industry sales by country/region and product category (including dietary supplements, natural & organic foods and beverages, functional foods and beverages, and natural & organic personal care and household products). You’ll also hear from industry experts with first-hand experience working in the most attractive emerging global markets—including China, Brazil and India—on what’s really required to successfully navigate the unique regulatory and cultural roads within these regions. By the time you leave this highly interactive session, you’ll have a better understanding of which regions make the most sense for your company’s international expansion plans and actionable advice on the first steps you should take to claim your piece of the rapidly expanding global nutrition market.

Moderator: Carlotta Mast, Editorial Director, Nutrition Business Journal

Joan Opheim, CEO of Nordic Naturals
Meredith Greiner, Director of Marketing at Nordic Naturals
Keith Didion, Senior Vice President at Solgar International and President of SISU Inc.

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