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5 new ingredients: coQ10, ALA, veggie meats, organic chlorella

Five new ingredient launches from Functional Ingredients March 2011 issue: Hormel's coQ10; Cargill's ALA; SyneROX from Vitiva; Comax Flavors' veggie meats; and NP Nutra chlorella.

CoQ10 ingredient with omega-3s
Hormel Foods coenzyme Q10 for beveragesHormel Foods Specialty Products Division has created a coenzyme Q10, omega-3 combination ingredient for food and beverage applications. Hormel Foods uses its patent-pending FUXIONS delivery platform to create an ingredient that is shelf stable and cold-water soluble. One gram of the Hormel Foods ingredient contains 100mg of EPA plus DHA and 50mg of coQ10. This ingredient can be incorporated into beverage products that require clarity, such as sports drinks. The company also recently expanded its Eterna Omegasource product line with a combination vitamin D, omega-3 DHA/EPA ingredient that is allergen and GMO free, as well as GRAS.

ALA-rich shortening for baked goods
ALA-rich oil from CargillA new shortening by Cargill is designed to help bakers differentiate their products by adding a nutrient claim for ALA omega-3s. Called Clear Valley, the product also enables a drop-in method for adding ALAs to most shelf-stable food products that require a nine- to 12-month shelf life. The ingredient has a clean, neutral flavor that won’t require a masking agent. Clear Valley also comes in an oil version, made of a canola/flaxseed oil blend. It has received self-affirmed GRAS status for the ingredient.

Extending shelflife for meat applications
Vitiva Mix & Match shelf-life management solutions for meat Vitiva, Slovenia, has extended its customized SyneROX portfolio by introducing Mix & Match shelf-life management solutions for meat applications. This advanced line includes natural solutions for a variety of problems typically found in meat production, such as: rancidity, short shelf life and microbial instability in an ingredient system that can be mixed and matched to cover a range of needs. The new SyneROX line strives to address major challenges in food production and preservation. In addition to oxidation management, the new formulations allow for the reduction in use of, or complete removal of, acetates and other synthetic antimicrobial stabilizers. In addition, removal of synthetic vitamin C for maintenance of meat products and its replacement can be achieved by choosing special SyneROX with natural vitamin C sources that allow for clean-label status.

Comax Flavors range targets vegetarian palates
Comax Flavors vegetarian meat flavorsComax Flavors is targeting the growing discerning palates of new and veteran vegetarians with its range of vegetarian meat flavors. They include Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Bacon, Pork, Hot Dog, Turkey, Roasted Ham and other flavors. These flavors are available in both natural and artificially flavored, and in oil-soluble, water-soluble, liquid and powdered versions. All are kosher. The percentage of new products touting vegetarian status was higher globally in the first half of 2009 than those claiming "low fat" or "low in calories" or "high fiber." Vegetarian claims for foods plus nonalcoholic beverage products have increased for the first half of 2010 vs the same period in 2009, Comax reports.

Certified organic Chlorella powder
NP Nutra has developed a certified organic Chlorella cracked cell powder. Because the ingredient is a dark green powder that is also kosher certified, non-GMO and nonirradiated, it can be used for all projects having the strictest requirements. Chlorella contains a rich amount of essential nutrients: vitamins, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids such as GLA, complete proteins, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), chlorophyll and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals. The ingredient is manufactured at the company’s facility in China and is stocked and shipped from California.

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