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How healing traditions view raw foods

Ayurveda>> Practitioners of this ancient Indian tradition recommend that people with a vata (wind) constitution minimize or avoid raw foods; pitta (fire) and kapha (earth and water) types benefit from raw foods.

Natural hygiene>> This healing belief system seeks to prevent disease through "right living," including a good diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and hydrotherapy. Adherents usually follow a raw-foods diet, but may also include cooked grains and steamed vegetables.

Naturopathy>> Naturopathic nutrition uses whole, organic foods as medicine. Most naturopaths recommend a balance of raw and lightly cooked foods, depending on an individual's constitution.

Traditional Chinese Medicine>> Raw foods are generally considered too "cooling" for the body and are thought to exacerbate stagnation. Some conditions that generate body heat, such as menopause, are thought to benefit from raw foods.

Source: Brigitte Mars, herbalist.

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