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Evidence shows supportive therapies offer benefits during cancer treatment

Five women ‘put their brave on’ to share how integrated medicine helps them through their cancer journeys.
Five women "put their brave on" to share how integrated medicine helps them through their cancer journeys.

“This is not a time for formalities, for arcane rules, for a medical practice that has not kept up. It’s a race against time to stay alive, to stay healthy.”

Kantha Shelke, PhD, principal at Corvus Blue LLC

Part 1: Oncologists treat cancer, but not the treatments’ side effects


  • Integrated medicine complements and augments traditional medical care.
  • Supplement companies need to educate consumers, practitioners about benefits.
  • For integrated medicine to reach more patients, it must be more affordable.



Part 2: Patients must advocate for themselves


  • Naturopaths and other healers can help you learn what you need.
  • Find traditional practitioners who support your need for integrated medicine.



Part 3: Pearls of wisdom from the women who’ve been there


  • Your team should include traditional and integrated practitioners, counselors, family and friends.
  • Personalized medicine can guide your approach to health.
  • Keep joy in your life.



Part 4: Food and ingredients as part of integrated medicine


  • An increasing amount of evidence shows that what we eat affects our chances of having cancer.
  • Science evolves, and food policy should evolve with it.



Part 5: Audience members seek information


  • How does a patient find out what supplements she needs, which ones are best?
  • Keep up with research, but don’t fall for trends.


This session—Optimizing Health Through Crisis with Supplements—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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