Adams Food Ingredients Launches Healthy Eating Functional Ingredient Range

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adams Food Ingredients Limited, the functional ingredients division of The Irish Dairy Board (based in Leek), has launched a range of additives to help food manufacturers enhance the health and nutritional values of their products.

The range has been designed to fortify foods, reduce fat content, increase fibre content and lower levels of cholesterol and sugar in foods. Adams are also able to blend these ingredients with other functional ingredients to deliver efficiencies in cost and formulation.

The range includes products such as B-CAN™ Oat Beta Glucan, Züeit® Brand Sucralose, COWCIUM® Natural Milk Calcium, Proti-GERM™ Defatted Wheat Germ and FOAMEX™ Quillaja Extract Powder.

Applications include breakfast cereals, yoghurts, beverages, healthy batters and coatings and other baked items. Health benefits range from helping to prevent coronary heart disease to supporting the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

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