Another First from Bioforce USA: Mites Out

GHENT, NY – Bioforce USA, known for opening up new product markets for natural health retailers, has introduced a safe, simple-to-use product that can alleviate the cause of dust mite allergy attacks. Mites-Out! is a patented, clinically proven neem-based spray treatment for mattresses, carpet and other cloth surfaces that harbor dust mites.

Dust mites, which are found in the bedding of 44 million homes, according to the National Institute of Environmental Sciences, are second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions. Dust mites are also known to be the leading cause of childhood asthma.

Mites Out! was developed by Terra Nostra GmbH Co. in Germany and is a patented formula based on a special extract of Neem seed oil (called TN-MP100). The spray contains TN-MP100 that penetrates into the fabric where the dust mites live, then eliminates dust mite allergens. It has become the number-one treatment in Germany to control household dust mite allergens with $10 million in annual sales.

“Although there are neem products in the market, none has the ability to eliminate dust mite allergens nor do they claim to do so. This particular patented, highly effective neem extract in Mites-Out is unique and is the result of a technologically sophisticated procedure developed over ten years” says Eileen Sheets, managing director.

Study proves long-term effectiveness
Sheets refers to a study performed in Germany with the product to test and quantify its efficacy in significantly decreasing populations of dust mites. The researchers started with 200 dust mites and 50 eggs each, the control reached an average level of 3,550 mites after 14 weeks. The researchers found that the TN-MP100 used in Mites-Out and in Milbiol (the name of the product in Germany) was clearly proven to be highly effective in long-term control of dust mites. This Neem extract was able to inhibit the growth and reproduction down to an insignificant level after 14 weeks. Further, there were no negative effects noted as compared with products based on chemical acarisides.

Mites Out! is available in two sizes: 100 ml and 250 ml. Retailers can purchase a counter display of 10 100ml units. It has a suggested retail price of $19.95 per bottle and wholesales for $11.97 each. The counter display wholesales for $119.70, and literature is provided. The 250 ml size retails for $39.95 and wholesales for $23.97.

For more information, please contact Lisa Schofield at [email protected], or call (908) 216-8500.

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