Artemis International Now Offering an Excipient-free Standardized Purple Corn Extract with 12% Anthocyanins

FORT WAYNE, IN & EASTON, PA – March 14, 2008 – Artemis International, a leading provider of functional berry-based ingredients, is now offering a standardized 12% anthocyanin Purple Corn extract that is 100% excipient-free. The new ingredient will be co-marketed under the Linnea-Artemis partnership.

“We are excited to be able to offer another Purple Corn option for customers who choose to formulate without maltodextrin or other excipients,” says Leslie Gallo, Artemis Marketing Manager. “Artemis’ existing product line up contains Purple Corn extracts with anthocyanin standardizations of 7.5% and 11%. We are seeing an increased interest in Purple Corn product options.”

While native to Peru, Purple Corn (Zea mays L.) is the same species of corn that is consumed widely throughout the United States. With one of the deepest shades of purple found in the entire plant kingdom, Purple Corn boasts a higher anthocyanin content, as well as a higher antioxidant capacity than even the popular blueberry. It is not only a potent nutraceutical ingredient, but a great natural colorant as well. Due to recent scientific studies, anthocyanins, and namely those in Purple Corn, are gaining increasing recognition as potent antioxidants and have been attributed to various potential health benefits.

The most abundant anthocyanin found in Purple Corn, cyanidin-3-glucoside, has been shown in dozens of studies to have notable radical scavenging/antioxidant properties. It has even exhibited potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer capabilities in animal studies.

Several studies have also pointed to the potential anti-obesity benefits of Purple Corn and its anthocyanins. For those with interest in the weight loss/management industry, Artemis’ BerrySlim™ functional formula combines a specialized blend of Purple Corn extract and a Kokum (Garcinia indica) extract standardized to 30% hydroxycitric acid (HCA). “Weight loss formulations need not just be vanilla, chocolate or strawberry milkshakes—Purple Corn and Kokum allow for formulating a tasty and refreshing juice beverage,” says Gallo.

The new Purple Corn product will be marketed in the United States through Linnea Inc. This new product is just one in a growing line of Artemis’ excipient-free extracts.

About Linnea

From its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Locarno, Switzerland, Linnea specializes in the manufacture of botanical extracts and phytochemicals, and is a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries. The company’s U.S. office, Linnea Inc., is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. For more information about Linnea, visit our Web site at or call 1-888-253-0044.

About Artemis International Inc.

Artemis provides nutraceutical ingredients for applications in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. Artemis also develops proprietary formulas to meet targeted healthcare needs using its research-validated bioactive compounds. Products offered include fruit products (concentrates, dried fruit, powders, etc.), fruit extracts, PhytoSolutions TM proprietary formulas, and finished consumer products under Artemis’ Berries For LifeTM brand or for private label. For more information about Artemis, visit our Web site at

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