Baby Boomers are Deeply into Nutrition

Maryellen Molyneaux, president of the Natural Marketing Institute, spoke at Nutracon on emerging nutritional trends for baby boomers. She pointed out that one in four Americans is a boomer, and that people more than 50 years old are the fastest-growing category worldwide. This group is hugely important in terms of marketing trends, and has needs, particularly around health, demonstrated by the observation that adults over 50 are the largest and fastest growing group of worldwide web users, and that most of their searches have to do with health information.

They have redefined healthy aging, Molyneaux said. They want to be active beyond the age their parents were, to live longer and have healthy minds. They are willing to make long-term, consistent changes in their lives to reach these goals.

Molyneaux explored how these attitudes can and are being targeted by marketers. Her research reveals that 53 percent of boomers are managing some sort of weight or heart problems; 43 percent are managing digestive problems; 40 percent are seeking to reduce the inflammation in their body.

Generally boomers are seeking balance in their lives. They are tired of the ups and downs and are seeking to break the cycle of caffeine and sleeping aids, so they want foods and supplements that can extend energy throughout the day. They want sustainability, moderation and balanced nutrition. They want foods and supplements that improve digestive health and the body’s defenses. They need something to fight the tendency to gain weight, such as satiety ingredients. Almost all believe they can manage many of their health issues through proper nutrition, which holds much promise for our industry.

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