B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc., Announces TGA Assignment of Proprietary Ingredient Status for Vitatene Products

Vista, California (September 18, 2007) — B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc. (B&D), announced today that Vitatene’s Betanat® natural Beta-carotene and Lyconat® natural Lycopene have been accepted to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Australia’s regulatory framework is based on a risk-management approach, designed to ensure public health and safety. Having met the high requirements and standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Vitatene products have been registered as Proprietary Ingredient (PI) status.

Vitatene recognizes that US-made foods and dietary supplements are exported to many countries around the world and they have taken steps to support the use of their ingredients in products for these important export markets. “After completing the necessary regulatory steps for US and EU approvals, Australian regulatory approval was a natural progression in our plans for participating in the global marketplace,” said Luisa Volpati, sales manager of Vitatene. “We are proud of these accomplishments.”

“With these registrations, our customers will find it much easier to use Vitatene materials in products destined for retail in Australia and New Zealand,” said Bill Van Dyke, president of B&D Nutritional Ingredients. “Additionally, we hope our customers will recognize that the quality and safety information now banked for these ingredients will make them relatively simple to certify for GMP compliance.”

Betanat® Beta-carotene and Lyconat® Lycopene are natural source products. Both ingredients are produced by cultivation of Blakeslea trispora in a controlled environment without any genetic modification. These carotene products are notably free of heavy metals, pesticide residues and other impurities.

Betanat® and Lyconat® are natural colorants that can be used as food additives. For dietary supplement applications, these ingredients are powerful antioxidants. Lycopene, a xanthophyll, has been connected with multiple health benefits, most notably for prostate and lung tissues. Beta-carotene is most frequently used in dietary supplements and foods as a safe alternative to retinol compounds for vitamin A.

About Vitatene
Since 2003, Vitatene has been producing carotenes in its dedicated world-class manufacturing facility located in León, Spain. Vitatene is active in the EU and is a NATCOL member. Its parent company, The Antibioticos Group of Milan, Italy, has been producing drugs by fermentation for more than 100 years and Vitatene’s fermentation technology and quality systems reflect the parent company’s strengths. In the US, B&D Nutritional Ingredients represents natural Betanat® Beta-carotene and Lyconat® Lycopene products exclusively.

About B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc.
Founded in 1993 and based in Vista, California, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc., is a national leader in sales and marketing of premier raw materials essential to the dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, and personal care industries. B&D has a portfolio of products from leading manufacturers. These products are primarily natural antioxidants. Additionally, B&D is involved with organizations supporting the dietary supplement, food and personal care industries. Participation includes memberships in The Council for Responsible Nutrition; The Drug, Chemical and Allied Technologies Association; and the Pacific Technology Exchange.

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