Bioriginal Offers Healthy Skin From Within

Leading essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions provider, Bioriginal, is launching a unique range of natural supplements with lignans. First to hit the market is BioAsteri™ with lignans, which combines the multiple health benefits of Bioriginal’s GRAS certified borage oil and lignans to offer a natural product for the maintenance of healthy skin. Recently cited as one of the top 10 hottest ingredients , research to support the health benefits of lignans is ever growing. Bioriginal’s new combination softgel will enable manufacturers to offer the complementary effects of both lignans and GLA in a targeted, appealing and convenient format.

Lignans are naturally-occurring substances found in plants, fruits and vegetables. In the area of skin health, they have been shown to modulate sebum production, which may be an important aid in the fight against acne. By regulating sweat gland secretions, lignans help to prevent oily skin and can decrease the number of acne lesions.

GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), found in high levels in borage oil, is widely recognized as an important natural supplement for maintaining healthy skin by restoring moisture and smoothness. Research suggests that 44 per cent of people taking GLA products use them to improve the appearance of their skin . By preventing water loss, BioAsteri™ with lignans may help relieve dry or damaged skin and reduce inflammation in skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Bioriginal’s director of new business and technical support, Dr. Adrian Hughes, commented: ‘Consumer demand for multi-purpose health supplements that may help them stay and look vital for longer is constantly increasing. By combining lignans with borage oil, manufacturers can offer all the intrinsic health benefits of GLA and lignans in a single, convenient and natural supplement with a specific, sought after purpose. We take great pleasure in launching our lignan range and look forward to developing new combinations in the future.’

BioAsteri™ with lignans is available in a convenient softgel format.

For further information please contact: Bioriginal Europe/Asia, Bosland 40,
3258 AC Den Bommel, the Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0) 187 618020
Fax: +31 (0) 187 618040 Email: [email protected] Or visit:

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