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Watch Your PQQs
Please welcome PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) to the spectrum of supplements. It?s the first vitamin to be discovered in 55 years. Found in fermented soybeans, parsley, green peppers and some fruit, the supplement newcomer is a member of the vitamin B family. Although first noticed in 1959 and classified as a nutrient, it wasn?t until Japanese researchers recently noticed that mice lacking in PQQ showed deficiencies that its status was promoted. In addition to infertility in the mice, researchers also found that the animals lacking in PQQ had roughened fur—could the end to bad hair days be in the near future?

Good to the Bone
When it comes to osteoporosis and bone health, many consumers are apparently undereducated and confused. To help straighten things out, Shelburne Falls, Mass.-based Pioneer Nutritional Formulas Inc. is offering retailers a free nonproduct-linked pamphlet, ?Osteoporosis and Bone Health ? It?s More Than Calcium and Estrogen.? Upon completing an at-risk assessment, readers will learn ?8 Steps to Healthy Bones.? Included among the steps are learning to eat for healthy bones, supplementing from a list of 15 nutrients besides calcium that contribute to bone health and endocrine health, and alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. To find out how to obtain the brochure for your store, contact customer service at Pioneer, 800.458.8483.

Homeward Facing Dog
Naturals retailers will want to stock the new Yoga Journal?s Yoga Step-by-Step: The Total Guide to Beginning Your Home Practice video. More than 15 million Americans now practice yoga—more than 7 million at home—according to a recent survey by Yoga Journal and Harris Interactive. Each video/DVD of the three-volume series includes a 35-minute tutorial, with options for less flexible students, along with basic information about the underlying principles of yoga. The DVD contains additional content including a Choose Your Instructor option that lets viewers decide between two instructors to follow. For more information contact: 800.I Do.Yoga (436.9642) or


Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXV/number 1/p. 42

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