Cargill to host media briefing at American Dietitians Association annual meeting

MINNEAPOLIS - Cargill will host a media briefing on behalf of its CoroWise™ brand at the upcoming American Dietetic Association's (ADA) Food Nutrition Conference & Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in room 203 A/B at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 30, 2007. The briefing features a prominent panel of experts, including Dr. Rebecca Reeves, former ADA president, Robert E. Kowalski, New York Times best-selling author of "The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure," and Felicia Stoler, television host of The Learning Channel's Honey We're Killing the Kids program.

The panel will review the latest science on dietary cholesterol and the emerging role that plant sterols are playing in addressing this important health concern. Panelists will also describe real world examples of how Americans are using plant sterols. Media will be able to sample some products with added plant sterols that are currently on the market, including Kroger's new Active Lifestyle fat-free milk with CoroWise™ plant sterols. Cargill will also showcase a new product featuring CoroWise™ plant sterols that will arrive on store shelves in late fall 2007.

CoroWise™ is a leading brand of plant sterols. Just as cholesterol is present in all animals, plants have a "sterol" of their own that is a natural cholesterol blocker. To the body, plant sterols look a lot like cholesterol, but they are not absorbed in the body like cholesterol. Therefore, during digestion, plant sterols compete with cholesterol and help to block cholesterol's absorption. Reducing total and LDL "bad" cholesterol levels in the body is recognized as an important way of reducing one's risk for heart disease.* In fact, the efficacy of plant sterols is supported by more than 50 years of clinical research indicating that eating plant sterols can help lower cholesterol.

Cargill recently announced the CoroWise brand's premier sponsorship of the ADA. As a result of the sponsorship, ADA members will be able to receive information and educational tools they can use in working with clients and patients who are interested in cholesterol-lowering options.

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*Foods containing at least 0.4 grams per serving of plant sterols, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 0.8 grams, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.

About Cargill
Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. With 153,000 employees in 66 countries, the company is committed to using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed. For more information, visit

About the American Dietetic Association
With more than 67,000 members, the American Dietetic Association is the nation's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Approximately 75 percent of ADA's members are registered dietitians and four percent are dietetic technicians, registered. Other members include clinical and community food and nutrition professionals, consultants, food service managers, educators, researchers, dietetic technicians and students. Nearly half of all ADA members hold advanced academic degrees. ADA serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well-being. To locate a registered dietitian in your area, visit the American Dietetic Association at

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