Chemill Inc., Launches 5ineHTP, Sveetia, Reversitol, CurQ99 & Vinhance at SSW 2009

Chemill inc, a value supplier of nutraceuticals famed for its value addition approach, vertical integration and unique positioning of its products; is glad to announce launch of its new branded ingredients:

5ineHTP® is a high quality Griffonia Seed Extract , produced by Chemill inc., the only vertically integrated producer of Griffonia extracts and the single largest collector of Griffonia Seeds in the World.

Our own facility of seed collection, helps us ensure full traceability of materials and assure consistent year round supply of the highest quality ingredient.

A percentage of sales proceeds of 5ineHTP® are directed to education of local farming communities in most sustainable harvesting techniques and education of theirchildren.

We’ve launched our Feel 5ine ! Be Happy ! initiative which presently supports primary education of over 500 underprivileged children, we now invite dosage producers in USA to join us in this initiative, to do our cause for the underprivileged in the source country, while stabilizing their own supply chain with our 5ineHTP.

To learn more about 5ineHTP® & Feel 5ine ! Be Happy ! initiative pls visit booth #25071 or

Reversitol® is a high performance and proven Resveratrol, from Chemill inc. It is produced with highest technology to have very high-bioavailability and free from major impurities. Its super-high antioxidant activity & efficacy makes it second to none, as it may reverse all ill effects of aging.

Reversitol® is the best solution for your range of anti-aging products, ensuring stable pricing and consistent supply, it’s the best to help your clients live life to the fullest.

To learn more about Reversitol® pls visit booth #25071 or

Vinhance® is a high purity Vinpocetine produced by Chemill inc ,from natural seeds of which chemill is one of the largest collectors & cultivators in the World.

Its excellent activity may promote increased cerebral blood circulation and provide unparalleled memory-enhancement, improved focus and attention. Vinhance may also assists in management of age-related memory loss & is presently sold to users in over 25 countries the world over.

To learn more about Vinhance® pls visit booth #25071 or

Sveetia® is our uniqely positioned Stevia Rebaudioside A 98% which is produced from Stevia leaves harvested by the groups' own initiatives the world over. Being a very high intensity 100% natural and calorie-free sweetner, Sveetia ® comes in a range of strengths and blends. Sveetia® is also offered as a table-top blend which can be customised under private label.

Sveetia® is produced at a state-of-the-art dedicated and certified facility and is presently sold to major companies.

To learn more about Sveetia® pls visit booth #25071 or

CurQ99® is a high performance Curcumin having a single peak and purity above 99%, with increased bio-availability. Scientifically produced ,its most best suited for end users looking for a high-purity Curcumin, single compound with stable pricing and availability, Being very low in residual solvents & impuritiesCurQ99® best suited for your Curcumin brand on the market.

To learn more about CURQ99® please visit booth #25071 or

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