C.K. Foods Inc. Highlights Unique Opportunity For Canadian Food & Beverage Marketers

A recent study has indicated that U.S. consumers are willing to increase grocery spending on healthier foods; in fact, the same survey highlighted that 60% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay an additional cost for healthier food items. This reverses a four-year downward trend and represents a 7% rise over the previous year’s figure alone.

Foods that are free of trans fats, as well as foods fortified with omega 3 fatty acids are certainly leading the healthy foods charge. However, there are other significant opportunities to develop and market healthy food options. This includes a U.S. FDA-approved heart health claim for barley soluble fibre that was announced in December of 2005. Foods that contain 0.75 grams of barley beta glucan (soluble fibre) per serving qualify for a compelling cardiovascular claim; cardiovascular health is among the most significant problems in the U.S. presently.

Barley Balance™ is a concentrated beta glucan ingredient made from specially selected food-grade Canadian barley. All-natural, Kosher and Pareve, non-GMO and have a very low glycemic index (GI) value, Barley Balance™ allows Canadian food exporters the opportunity to qualify for an FDA-approved health claim in the U.S. market, at a very economical cost and without adverse effects on product taste, texture or shelf life. Micahel Chernyak, General Manager of C.K. Foods Inc., comments: “If you are a Canadian food manufacturer currently marketing your products stateside, Barley Balance™ offers an immediate opportunity to add marketable health benefits to your product and leverage consumer willingness to pay a higher cost for healthy food.”

About C.K. Foods Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, C.K. Foods Inc. is a well-established developer and distributor of innovative, value-added raw materials to Canadian food, beverage and human nutrition markets. For additional information please contact Michael Chernyak (Ext. 222, [email protected]) or Steve Johnston (Ext. 223, [email protected]), Business Development Manager, at Tel: 1-800-821-8995.

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