Clinical Trial Shows Liquid Eggs Enriched With Omega-3 Deliver Heart Health Benefits

GUELPH, Ontario, October 16, 2006 - Eating omega-3 enriched liquid eggs can improve blood triglyceride levels, boost heart health, and help families reach their daily recommended intake of omega-3, according to the results of a clinical trial published this month in Food Research International

The trial - conducted by University of Guelph researchers Emily L. Rose and Bruce J. Holub - showed that a breakfast consisting of Naturegg Breakfree

Omega-3 liquid eggs decreased blood triglyceride levels by 32 per cent, reduced the triglyceride/HDL-cholesterol ratio by 37 per cent, and produced a moderate reduction in blood pressure levels without impacting serum cholesterol. The EPA and DHA blood levels of the test subjects rose 96 per cent and 210 per cent respectively, significantly lowering their estimated cardiovascular risk status.

Published studies show excess amounts of triglycerides in the blood and high blood pressure levels, as well as low DHA/EPA blood levels, have been linked to coronary artery disease and stroke in some people.

"The results of the study support enriched eggs as an excellent vehicle for the delivery of omega-3, and given their broad appeal, eggs have the potential to bridge a critical nutritional gap that exists in the North American diet," said Bruce Holub, University Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Sciences at University of Guelph, Canada's leading food science and research institution. "Use of this liquid egg product as a functional food could serve as a dietary intervention for supporting cardiovascular disease risk management."

The predominant source of DHA and EPA in the North American diet comes from fish - 90 per cent in the United States and 75 per cent in Canada. However, as the new study points out, North American families are only getting a fraction of the recommended daily intake of omega-3.

The Naturegg Break-Free Omega 3 liquid egg used in the study delivered 630 mg of both DHA and EPA omega-3. A 50 ml serving of Naturegg Break-Free Omega would provide a total of 250 mg of EPA and DHA, twice the average daily intake of EPA and DHA omega-3 in the North American diet.

"Current mean intakes of DHA and EPA in North America are at approximately 130 to 150 milligrams per day," said Holub. "This compares to a recommended daily intake ranging from 500 mg for healthy people to 900 mg per day for people with cardiovascular health problems. The shortfall is significant and needs to be addressed through increased public and health education efforts."

The clinical trial involved 16 healthy men with moderately elevated triglyceride levels in their blood - greater than 90 mg per deciliter of serum (1 mmol/L). The men, between the ages of 30 and 65, were assigned to either eat an omega-3 enriched liquid egg breakfast or a control breakfast for an initial 21-day period, followed by the alternate breakfast for a second 21-day period. The two periods were separated by a washout period of 10 weeks, during which time the subjects returned to their usual diets.

About Burnbrae Farms

Family-owned Burnbrae Farms is Canada's leading egg producer, offering a full line of omega-3 products under the Naturegg brand name in Canada, including Naturegg Break-Free Omega 3 liquid eggs, and Naturegg Omega 3 and Naturegg Omega Pro shell eggs. In the U.S. Burnbrae Farms offers an omega-3 liquid egg under the brand name Egg Creations. Egg Creations in the U.S. provides comparable levels of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, 130 mg of DHA and 130 mg of EPA per serving. To learn more, please visit or


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