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Condition Specific 2013: Executive Summary

Condition Specific 2013: Executive Summary
Functional Ingredients' annual business and ingredients insights

Beyond those committed to optimal living, a sizeable chunk of the consumer market gets into our business to help deal with a health condition. Herewith, our annual business and ingredients insights

My friend Katy here at work thinks she needs to lose a few pounds. Being that she works in this industry, she believes supplements can help her reach her goals. After telling her I think she doesn’t really need to lose any weight (true story), I tell her about different ways weight-management ingredients work. You’ve got your metabolism boosters (read: caffeine and thermogenics). You’ve got your satiety enhancers – which have equivocal evidence but a compelling idea – especially those that have benefitted from recent research. That research shows that natural ingredients can modulate the action of hormones such as ghrelin, which initiate hunger sensations, or leptin, which is released by fatty tissues and reduces hunger messaging. Then there are the slow-release carbs that metabolize slowly, with the ancillary benefit of reducing blood-sugar spikes.

Richie is another friend who is also looking to drop a few. His strategy: No alcohol during weekdays. It’s a decent idea, especially related to intake of glucose from alcoholic beverages, but it does make him a little less fun until Friday night. 

Another friend of mine isn’t sure whether it’s perimenopause or anxiety that’s wreaking havoc with her system and, among other things, keeping her up at night. Among other things, she’s listening to integrative physicians’ advice on magnesium supplements and also taking some prescription hormones in an attempt to balance herself out.

What all these friends have in common is a desire to change some specific health outcome in their lives, and a belief that nutrition can have a foundational role in it. Attention to nutritional factors can absolutely benefit people – not just those who are sick, or who suffer from nutritional deficiencies, but nutrition can even make ostensibly healthy people healthier.

In this, our annual condition-specific issue, we provide you with insights from leading suppliers and manufacturers about the way forward, with data for each of 17 trending health conditions, and a list of best-in-class ingredient suppliers, including information on ingredients in specific categories and contact information. It’s practically all you’ll need short of a CPG prototype and the hotline for a distributor.

For extended versions of the interviews we conducted, check them out online at

All told, this information should go a long way to helping you reach your business goals for the year ahead. 


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