Condition Specific 2013: Stress and Sleep

Condition Specific 2013: Stress and Sleep

  Steve Seigel, vice president at Ecuadorian Rainforest, and Mitch Skop, senior director of new product development at Pharmachem Laboratories comment on ingredient science in the stress/sleep sector


Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Join the club … many Americans are in it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention think that those experiencing sleep insufficiency are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life. We’re going to need some help. Luckily, we have Steve Seigel, vice president at Ecuadorian Rainforest, and Mitch Skop, senior director of new product development at Pharmachem Laboratories to help us look at the ingredient

Fi: What’s the outlook for the sleep/stress sector in the near future?

SS: The CDC estimates that more than 40 million Americans don’t get the recommended hours of sleep. That’s a large sector of the population that may need the help of a sleeping aid, and many of these will be looking for natural sleep aids instead of pharmaceuticals. The Fiscal Times reports the sleep-aid industry could soon reach $32.4 billion, a great market for natural sleep aids. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. project that sleeping pill sales may reach $9 billion by 2015. Again, a great market for all-natural sleeping remedies.

MS: We are coming out of the Red Bull, Monster category. The hype is off of it, and people are looking for calming and stress-relief products. For Lactium, our ingredient, the application side is growing. It is being used in confections, drinks, chocolates, gummies, soft chews and drinks, either powder or ready to drink.

Fi: Any exciting new science?

SS: Phytotherapy Research published a study showing passion flower, our top-selling ingredient early this year, may have the ability to boost the quality of one’s sleep. In the placebo-controlled study involving 41 participants, those who drank passion-flower tea slept better than those in the placebo group. A 60-patient placebo-controlled study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia showed that those who took the passion-flower extract before surgery had less anxiety than those who did not. Another study at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences tested passion flower for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Thirty-six GAD patients were split into a passion-flower extract group and the placebo group. Those taking the passion-flower extract showed a significant boost in managing their GAD when compared to the placebo group.

MS: The research is very strong. With Lactium, research has shown that type-A people are the ones who need it most, and who get the most benefit, the most relief from it.

Fi: Other significant ingredients for sleep/stress?

MS: The category includes a few different plant extracts. We have the typical three: chamomile, valerian, and passion flower.



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Lactium is a milk protein hydrolysate containing a bioactive peptide with anti-stress properties. In total, five studies were conducted on 190 healthy subjects, which confirmed the anti-stress efficacy of Lactium. Lactium is a patented, GRAS, NDI-approved ingredient, ideal for functional foods and beverages.


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