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Condition Specific 2013: Weight Management

Condition Specific 2013: Weight Management
Scott Steil, president of Nutra Bridge in Shoreview, Minnesota, joins with Chase Hagerman, business development and marketing manager at Chemi Nutra, to give us the skinny on the weight-management category


More than one-third of American adults are obese. The American Medical Association officially declared obesity a disease. McDonald’s is putting apple slices in Happy Meals. The latest news is that obesity might actually be slowing. Yes, times are good in the weight-management category. Industry veteran Scott Steil, president of Nutra Bridge in Shoreview, Minnesota, joins with Chase Hagerman, business development and marketing manager at Chemi Nutra, to give us the skinny on this category.

Fi: What’s the buzz in the weight management category right now?

SS: Dr Oz. His discussions of key ingredients have spurred significant category growth. It is hard to assess the percent market growth that will result, but I would predict at least a +15 percent growth rate for the category, which will be double that of the overall supplement marketplace, leading to the best growth rates in the past five years. Dr. Oz has been very good at exposing new consumers to best-in-class weight-loss products.

CH: The secret to success is establishing trust. Supplements need to be safe, free of side effects, and transparent. More than ever before, people are monitoring what goes into their bodies and at what levels. Fully disclosing ingredient dosages is a step forward.

Fi: What are your projections for the coming year?

SS: Manufacturer and marketer interest in the weight-loss category and pace of new-product development is at an all-time high. We’ve seen that savvy consumers are increasingly drawn to science-backed ingredients, spurring growth in a few key areas (prioritized):

• Thermogenic fat burners (7-Keto, green tea)

• Metabolism boosters (7-Keto, green tea, capsaicin, CLA, caffeine)

• Satiety (fiber, saffron, carraluma, although nothing dominates)

• Blood-sugar control (chromium, green coffee bean)

Fi: What are the best strategies for success in this crowded category that’s faced fads and false claims?

SS: The key to regaining consumer trust and ensuring future success is building a partnership between ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, marketing companies and retailers. Suppliers need to invest significant resources in science, and perform well-designed clinical studies in North America.  Manufacturers need to use ingredients that have a proven track record. Marketers need to set realistic consumer expectations and then deliver a product that meets or exceeds them. Retailers should be focused on selling products that can back up claims and help the consumers use the supplement as part of a healthy weight-management program, and set objectives that can be obtained.

The current controversy around NDIs is also a challenge for all companies selling weight-loss products.  Once we have a clear understanding of the new policy and it is enforced, several of the suspect weight-loss products will simply not exist in the marketplace. In the long run, this is a positive.

CH: The secret to success is establishing trust. Supplements need to be safe, free of side effects, and transparent. More than ever before, people are monitoring what goes into their bodies and at what levels. Fully disclosing ingredient dosages is a step forward. Perhaps a third-party certification will improve your product’s image. And providing testimonials that average users experience can bolster a consumer’s confidence of your product.


AMT Labs & Kelatron

World Leaders in Bioactive Mineral Nutrients


[email protected]


[email protected]


BioNeutra North America Inc.

VitaFiber IMO

A prebiotic fiber sweetener that can be easily used in a variety of foods, beverages and supplements. VitaFiber is inherently sweet (60 percent sweetness of sucrose), sugar-free and low calorie. Effectively replaces sugar and flour in formulations and stable to pH2. VitaFiber, an excellent fiber source, increases satiety assisting with weight management.


[email protected]



Palatinose, Isomalt

Orafti Inulin;  Orafti Oligofructose

BENEO’s functional ingredients are derived from chicory roots, beet sugar, rice and wheat and help to improve the health, taste, texture and nutritional value of a product. Through a unique chain of expertise BENEO actively supports the development of more balanced and healthy food products.


[email protected]



Customized dosage forms

Capsugel is a global leader in innovative dosage forms and solutions for the healthcare industry. We offer a comprehensive array of products and services – from hard gelatin, liquid-filled, soft-gel, and vegetarian capsules, to formulation support and development. 


[email protected]


Chemi Nutra

PhosphoLean NOPE+EGCG

A novel compound that can help dieters on any diet plan successfully lose weight by signalling the brain to lessen hunger sensations and reducing caloric intake.


[email protected]




A nature-identical, first and only commercially available and patent-protected nicotinamide riboside (NR) shown to boost NAD+ levels. Indicated to lower high-fat-diet-induced weight gain by enhancing energy expenditure, not by reduced food intake or affecting activity levels in published animal studies.


[email protected]


Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.


A 90% protein isolate made solely from potatoes consisting of several low molecular weight proteins, including protease inhibitor PI-2.  PI-2 signals both the brain and GI tract that the stomach is full, which helps curb the appetite and gives consumers an effective and easy, healthy way to manage weight.


(888) 99-CYVEX

[email protected]



Gencor’s proprietary and patented Caralluma Fimbriata extract, a cactus-like plant with long-standing use in India as an appetite suppressant. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of Slimaluma. It is self-affirmed GRAS, certified Kosher and Halal, and certified organic per USDA organic standards.


[email protected]


InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Super CitriMax

A patented double-salt Garcinia cambogia extract bound to calcium and potassium for greater bioavailability and efficacy. Three times more effective than diet and exercise alone, Super CitriMax is the only Garcinia cambogia extracted studied by Dr. Preuss from Georgetown University Medical Center, and by researchers at Maastricht University.


[email protected]


Maypro Industries, LLC.


The world’s first commercially produced low-molecular-weight polyphenol, shown in human clinical studies to improve circulation, reduce visceral fat, support faster post-exercise recovery and reduce skin wrinkles. The quality of the clinical research supporting these health benefits earned Oligonol the prestigious Nutracon Award in 2008, as well as SupplySide West’s Scientific Excellence Award in 2011.


A patented extract of enokitaki mushroom supported by 13 human clinical studies, shown to reduce body weight and body fat, support healthy cholesterol levels and help control blood glucose levels.  Works by inhibiting fat absorption in the digestive tract and decomposing body fat accumulated in body fat tissues.


[email protected]


Nutratech, Inc.

Advantra Z

Backed by two decades of research, Advantra Z’s ability to safely increase metabolism has stood the test of time. When used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise, it jumpstarts weight-loss efforts and helps increase lean muscle – an essential step for long-term weight management. 

973-882-7773 ext: 302

[email protected]

P.L. Thomas


A patented, clinically studied satiety ingredient derived from saffron. Satiereal has a unique mechanism that may support satiety by helping to avoid snacking and compulsive eating behaviors which may, in turn, lead to reduction in weight and inches.


[email protected]


The Scoular Company

Proteins, IP Non-GMO

Scoular provides Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO proteins including collagen, corn, pea, soy, and wheat protein for use in functional foods and beverages. In line with our commitment to traceability, our soy protein isolate is certified by the Non-GMO Project.


[email protected]


Steviva Ingredients, Inc.

• Fructevia

• SteviaSweet 95-60 stevia extract

• SteviaSweet RA98 stevia extract

• Steviva Blend

• Steviva Blend 100 Mesh Fine Powder

• Erysweet non-GMO Erythritol

• Erysweet non-GMO 100 mesh fine-powdered Erythritol

• NecteviaTM stevia-fortified agave nectar

A global ingredient supplier with a focus on all-natural high-intensity sweetening solutions for manufacturers. Steviva Ingredients sweeteners and bulk ingredients are all natural, GMO-free, soy free, corn free and allergen free.


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