In-Cosmetics 2010: Natural Beauty with Rousselot’s Peptan™ Collagens

As a major international player within the hydrolyzed collagen industry, Rousselot produces and markets its collagens to the nutricosmetic and cosmetic industries. Rousselot is committed to high quality and proven efficacy and highlights the potential synergies between the nutricosmetic and topical Peptan™ ranges and their complementary capacity to improve the health and beauty of the skin.

Peptan ™ Beauty, a bioactive ingredient for nutricosmetic applications

Peptan™ products for nutricosmetic applications have proven their efficacy for moisturizing the skin and their anti-aging effect in clinical studies conducted in 2009 by Rousselot in France and in Japan. Samples of the nutricosmetic DrinkBeauty! Collagen, created in partnership with Innovabio, will enable delegates to test for themselves the capacity of the ingredient Peptan™ for integration into applications.

These samples will be available on the Innovabio booth, a leading company dedicated to creating tailor-made nutraceuticals for beauty and wellness brands.

Peptan™ Cosmetic, Proven efficacy in anti-aging formulations

Earlier this year, Rousselot announced a new Peptan™ Cosmetic range intended for cosmetic and personal care applications. Two specific grades of collagen - Peptan™ SR marine (Skin Regeneration) and Peptan™ MR marine (Moisture Retention) - have confirmed their ability to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous collagen in a number of different in-vitro studies.

Rousselot has appointed Lavollée Chimie and LEL, a network of independent European distributors, as exclusive resellers of its cosmetic Peptan™ range in Europe.

During In-cosmetics, samples of anti-aging emulsions made from Peptan™ SR marine will be available on the LAVOLLEE Chimie stand.

In-cosmetics 2010 takes place on 13-15 April in Paris. Rousselot Peptan products will be available on Innovabio’s stand M80G and Lavollée Chimie’s stand B70.

About Rousselot®
Part of VION N.V. (N.L.), Rousselot® is the leading manufacturer of gelatine and hydrolyzed collagen to the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries. With a staff of 2,400 people, the company benefits from a global sales and production network of 12 plants and 10 sales offices located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

VION N.V. is an internationally operating food group that produces high-quality foods and ingredients for humans and animals. The company consists of two internationally operating divisions: VION Ingredients, and VION Food. VION has an annual turnover of more than € 9.6 billion and provides employment for 35,000 people worldwide. The VION head office is in Son, the Netherlands.

More information
Rousselot, Caroline Brochard-Garnier - Communication Manager.
Telephone: +33 1 46 67 87 27. - E-mail: [email protected]
Rousselot, Caroline Nègre – Brand and Marketing Manager
Telephone: +33 1 46 67 87 25. E-mail: [email protected]

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