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Cutting-edge Research

Martek's DHA could help prevent Alzheimer's
A pre-clinical study has found that DHA from algae may decrease an important risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer's disease. The mouse study found DHA increases production of a protein that clears the brain of the enzymes that make the plaques thought to cause Alzheimer's.
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Blueberry and green tea protect against stroke
NutraStem, a proprietary formulation of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3 and carnosine extracts was studied in animal subjects in a double-blind procedure. The results suggest that the group receiving NutraStem had greatly reduced neural damage in the brain and demonstrated significantly reduced motor deficits.
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Do you have newly conducted research on your ingredient (published or unpublished) that you would like included in Cutting-edge Research? Write a short summary and attach a PDF of the study or abstract, and send to [email protected].
Vitamin K improves children's bone health
A better vitamin K status was associated with more pronounced increase in bone mass in healthy children — yet Western populations are likely vitamin K deficient. The study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, followed 307 healthy children, average age 11 years, for two years, and measured skeletal bone mineral content.
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Fucoidan improves skin complexion
Fucoidan could be viewed as a potential agent for preventing and treating skin photoaging. Cactus Botanics is one of the top producers of Fucoidan extracted from Laminaria japonica. The research involved an investigation of the inhibitory effects of Fucoidan on MMP-1 expression by in vitro experiments, suggesting that Fucoidan could be viewed as a potential agent for preventing and treating skin photoaging.
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