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CimiPure blocks breast cancer
CimiPure, a black cohosh trademarked extract manufactured and sold by Naturex, was shown to inhibit the growth of cancer in human breast cancer cells. The active chemical components responsible for this activity were also studied.
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EPA/DHA boost statins
Long-chain marine omega-3s EPA and DHA led to greater reductions in tryglycerides in patients taking statin medications than in those taking the drug alone.
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Q-absorb improves heart health
The results of two clinical trials investigating the effects of Q-absorb, an enhanced-absorption CoQ10 formula, on chronic heart failure patients, has added to a growing body of evidence that CoQ10 supplementation is an efficacious complementary method for improving cardiac function in heart failure patients.
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Lunasin lowers cholesterol
A new in vitro study of Lunasin has demonstrated its potential to reduce cholesterol levels by inhibiting the expression of a gene known to be responsible for internal cholesterol production and increasing expression of a gene which reduces plasma LDL cholesterol.
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