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Green tea sharpens vision
Green tea catechins have been found to properly migrate to the parts of the eye — cornea, lens and retina — where it's been seen that they can do the most good in terms of supporting vision health. The animal study did not yield results as far as how much green tea might be needed in humans.
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Slow carbs work
Beneo's Palatinose brand isomaltulose was shown, in research published in the online version of the British Journal of Nutrition, to be a completely available carbohydrate irrespective of its consumption with foods or beverages, which leads to a prolonged delivery of blood glucose. Palatinose was well tolerated and could have beneficial effects on long-term carbohydrate metabolism.
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KalmCold lives up to its name
Natural Remedies' KalmCold, a standardized extract of Andrographic paniculate, was found to be safe and effective in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the March edition of Phytomedicine Journal. The study followed 220 adults with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection who took 200mg/day in two divided doses or placebo for five days. KalmCold was 52.7 per cent or 2.1 times more effective than placebo on various symptoms of cold and flu. KalmCold was well tolerated.
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