Cutting-edge research

Linum benefits breasts
Preliminary results from recent human studies conducted at RMIT University in Australia show significant effects of flaxseed lignans intake on biomarkers of breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women. Read the full article...

GliSODin prevents atherosclerosis
GliSODin supplementation in combination with healthy diet and lifestyle modifications significantly inhibited the progression of cardiovascular risk factors compared to diet and modifications alone. The three-year study found the supplemented group also experienced raised antioxidant levels and lower inflammation. Read the full article...

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Slimaluma reduces fat cells
Ingredient company Gencor Pacific presented new science on Slimaluma at the Second World Congress for Therapies Against Obesity, Anti-Obesity 2007, showing its activity on an Adipocyte cell line. Read the full article...

Derma Sciences honey for wounds
Derma Sciences, manufacturer and marketer of advanced wound-care products, had published a finding of a manuka honey-based product as a topical antimicrobial for chronic and acute wounds and burns. Read the full article...

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