Dannon(R) Danimals(R) Adds Proven Benefits of Probiotics

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Jan 08, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- To offer families more nutritious snacking choices and help kids stay healthy, the power of the world's most researched probiotic culture in children, Lactobacillus GG (LGG(TM)), is now part of the Danimals(R) line of drinks specifically made for kids.

LGG(TM) is a natural probiotic culture that has been researched extensively and consumed safely since its identification in 1985. LGG has just been added to Danimals Drinks, including Danimals XL(TM), and will be added to Danimals Cups in April.

Probiotics, which literally means "for life," have been used for centuries as natural components in health-promoting foods like yogurt. Probiotics are live cultures that, when consumed in sufficient quantities, provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The benefits are due, in large part, to the effects of these so-called "friendly" bacteria on the intestine.

The Probiotic Benefits of LGG(TM)
LGG helps kids stay healthy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It is the most extensively researched culture in children with proven probiotic benefits and Danimals is the only kids low-fat yogurt and dairy drink to include LGG.

"More than 150 clinical trials, including more than 50 studies specifically performed in children, have evaluated the benefits of LGG on a variety of parameters, including how this probiotic culture helps maintain the normal function of the body," says Miguel Freitas, PhD, Scientific Affairs Manager for The Dannon Company.
Clinically proven to survive passage through the digestive tract, LGG has been shown to positively influence the balance of "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract. LGG's scientifically proven benefits in children include positive effects on: (1,2,3,4)

Gastrointestinal function. Clinical studies show that LGG helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria within the intestines.

Immune function. Clinical studies also suggest that LGG can help to support the immune system.
Maintenance of Oral Health. LGG may help keep oral microflora healthy by maintaining a healthy balance of the good bacteria in the mouth*.

Only the Good Stuff
Dannon spoke to thousands of parents to determine what ingredients they consider to be nutritious and beneficial and what ingredients they steer away from when considering what to feed their kids. As a result, Danimals Drinks no longer contain artificial colors, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup and in April the same will be true for Danimals Cups(5). These products provide twice the calcium than leading kids' yogurts and are a good source of the protein, Vitamin D, and Riboflavin parents want, with 100 percent of the great taste and smooth, creamy texture kids love. In addition, Danimals Cups(5) now contain 25% less sugar.

"Getting kids to eat right can be a challenge, and concerns about diet, obesity, and diabetes in young people are at an all-time high," said Michael Neuwirth, Dannon's Senior Director of Public Relations. "Proper nutrition is readily available at snack time as well as at family meals. By making Danimals better than ever, we're offering a delicious choice that parents and kids can feel good about and enjoy."

About Danimals
Danimals four-ounce lowfat yogurt cups are available in four exciting flavors: Strawberry Explosion(R), Totally Vanilla(R), Strikin' Strawberry- Kiwi(R) and Swingin' Strawberry-Banana(TM). Danimals Drinkable is available in 3.1-ounce servings of Rockin' Raspberry(R), Strawberry Explosion(R), Strikin' Strawberry-Kiwi(R), Swingin' Strawberry-Banana(TM), Bouncin' Banana(TM) and Totally Vanilla(R) and just introduced new Xtreme(TM) flavors -- Banana Guava Cliffhanger, Berry Avalanche, Cherry Dragonfruit Rush and Smashin' Passionfruit.

Danimals XL(TM) satisfies the snacking appetites of bigger kids with its 5.75-ounce servings of Orange Strawberry Banana Blowout(TM), Blazin' Berry(TM), Cherry Berry Blast(TM), and Strawberry Explosion(R).

More information about Dannon Danimals, including complete nutrition information for each variety and flavor, is available at www.danimals.com.

About The Dannon Company, Inc.
The Dannon Company is America's founding national yogurt company and continually leverages its expertise to develop and market innovative cultured fresh dairy products in the United States. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dannon has plants in Minster, OH, Fort Worth, TX, and West Jordan, UT. The company produces and sells approximately 100 different types of flavors, styles and sizes of cultured fresh dairy products. Dannon is owned by Groupe Danone, one of the world's leading producers of packaged foods and beverages, and Dannon is the top-selling brand of yogurt products worldwide, sold under the names Dannon and Danone.

With a strong commitment to high-quality, wholesome, nutritious and innovative products, The Dannon Company is committed to encouraging healthy eating and living and strives to innovate with one goal in mind: to create foods for families and individuals with their health and enjoyment in mind. For more information, please visit www.dannon.com.
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3. Nase et al (2001). Effect of long-term consumption of a probiotic
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5. Cups, excluding Danimals Sprinkl'ins.

* When used in addition to daily brushing, flossing and regular
professional cleaning.

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