Denture creams containing zinc pose problem in Austria

Denture creams containing zinc pose problem in Austria

According to Fittydent, the Austrian manufacturer of SECURE zinc-free dental adhesive, growing concern over zinc-containing denture adhesives has become prominent in Austria; even after the widespread publication of the American study appearing in Neurology, the two market leaders in Austria still contain zinc.

Since publication of the study and resulting mass news reporting, one American manufacturer has removed zinc from its product.

Although zinc is necessary to good health, too much is a concern. Denture wearers use denture adhesives every day, often several times a day because the adhesives are dissolved by saliva and beverages and then swallowed. Most denture adhesives contain zinc, and this may be the source of the problem. If the body absorbs too much zinc, this may result in serious effects on health.

The clinical study by Dr Sharon P. Nations, Department of Neurology, University of Texas, which was published in Neurology1, concluded that long-term and excessive use of denture adhesives containing zinc may cause serious neurological effects.

Too much zinc suppresses copper metabolism in the body. The resulting chain reaction affects the spinal cord, and symptoms such as maintaining balance and difficulty walking will present.

The Austrian company Fittydent International has produced and marketed SECURE for more than 20 years. Its composition makes SECURE absolutely harmless and safe. The company’s products are regularly tested by several international laboratories, with the latest test conducted in March 2010. Government-certified chemical laboratory Dr Watschinger in Braunau am Inn (Austria) has once again confirmed that SECURE is absolutely free from zinc.

“This is very important validation,” states Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA, the exclusive United States marketer of SECURE. “There are several class-action lawsuits in the works of denture wearers – many, many of whom are shoppers at natural health stores. Carrying SECURE in your oral health section not only alleviates their concern, it becomes a magnet to your store: it is not available in mass markets.”

There are other benefits: SECURE is the only denture adhesive in the world that is not water-soluble. This means that it does not dissolve during eating and drinking and therefore does not enter the stomach. With its extremely strong adhesion properties the denture is securely fixed for up to 12 hours, with just one application. This saves your customer money, and enhances his or her quality of life.

Further, likely in response to the news about zinc in conventional denture adhesives,

SECURE Dental Adhesive has seen a significant jump in retail orders. Premier industry distributor Select Nutrition’s sales velocity charts showed that SECURE leapt from number 97 to number 51 in one month.

Sheets attributes this retailer demand to the prominent news about mainstream denture adhesives’ zinc content and the potential long-term problems it may cause. “Tort lawyers have been running ads and commercials seeking anyone who felt he or she incurred nerve damage from potentially using a dental adhesive containing zinc. This has, of course, spurred folks to seek a safer option. Some of these websites even list SECURE as a zinc free alternative. We have been receiving hundreds of calls from consumers who saw it online and want a store location near them to purchase the product.”

Although it is the safety factor consumers are attracted to initially, the effectiveness and savings are what make them long term customers. SECURE costs more than conventional adhesives, but the 12-hour hold means that users do not have to reapply during the day, particularly after eating or drinking; the superior hold also allows users to enjoy their favorite healthy foods once again. SECURE provides better hold at a more cost effective price.

Sheets adds that baby boomers who may be denture wearers, are likely already aware of their local natural products retailers. Offering SECURE Dental Adhesive will be an attractive incentive for them to shop there. Bioforce USA offers attractive shelf-talkers, literature and counter-displays for SECURE Dental Adhesive to further bolster sales.

1Denture Cream: An unusual source of excess zinc, leading to hypocupremia and neurologic disease” Neurology, July 7, 2009; 73(1): 76 - 76.

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