Drug Master File Number Assigned To Fast Dissolve Excipient, F-MELT(C)

Fuji Health Science, Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ, announced today that it has been assigned a Drug Master File (DMF) number for its new excipient, F-MELT® Type C.

F-MELT® has been designed as a directly compressible excipient for oral dissolve tablets (ODTs) and recently introduced into the North and South American markets. Its unique manufacturing process gives F-MELT® an extremely porous structure, allowing for rapid water adsorption and fast oral disintegration along with excellent mouth feel. F-Melt is unique in that it provides a vehicle for the production of ODTs on conventional tablet equipment circumventing the need for costly third party technologies.

According to Charles DePrince, president of Fuji Health Science, "we have received tremendous interest in F-Melt from both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. I think the reason for such a response is based on two things. First is the opportunity it gives to the formulator for an alternate delivery system and second is the advantage for a company to produce in house.

F-Melt joins Fuji's other two tabletting excipients, Neusilin® and Fujicalin®

Fuji Health Science, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of Japan. Fuji Chemical is a manufacturer of unique functional ingredients for the pharmaceutical, personal care, dietary supplement and food industries.

For more information contact:
Gabriella Wagner
856 234 3636
[email protected]

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