EstroG-100, Phase II Human Clinical Results under Peer Review

EstroG-100 is an herbal formula for relief of menopausal symptoms presented in cooperation between Helios Corp. and Sunbio Corp. Our USA-based, phase II, human clinical study resulted in improvements on all Kupperman Menopause Index scores (11 categories). . The clinical results of Phase II were 5 times greater than placebo and similar to the results of Phase I. EstroG showed a sharp improvement in vaginal dryness. This ingredient is herb-based, with more than 400 years of printed text usage in China and Korea. EstroG-100 maintains complete safety and toxicology studies (blood, serum markers, single and multi dose tox, affinity-binding tests, and liver-protective). This is the #1 product in the women’s category in Korea since 2005 (replacing Isoflavones) and now available in the USA.

About Helios

Helios Corp. is a privately owned and global company that develops new ideas, science, and cultural remedies that can be translated into commercial applications for the benefit of manufacturers and consumers. Claims and representations are based on the information, data, clinical studies, and remedies as provided by our science and manufacturing partners. Contact Helios Corp. for further details on EstroG-100 Phase I and Phase II Human Clinical Studies.

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