EstroG-100 USA Clinical Study Completed

Helios Corp and Sunbio recently completed their 2nd human clinical study on EstroG-100TM which is a botanical used for the management of Menopausal symptoms. The original, first human clinical study was a 12 month review and results showed performance with the primary Menopausal end points 5X greater than Placebo. (Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness, and Discomfort/ Mood.)

The most recent study (utilizing the Kupperman Index) was completed in the USA on January 25th, 2010. The review was a 60 women, double blind study, which demonstrated performance results exceeding the original, and first, human clinical study. EstroG-100 also provides additional Toxicity data, Affinity results and Anti-Hepatotoxic studies.

EstroG is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2007 NBJ Top Ingredient Award, 2008 Top Invention at the Geneva Invention Conference, and 2009 Top Molecule in S. Korea. EstroG is Natural and does not use solvents in the extraction process. Mr. Jeffers stated the following; "we believe we have now achieved a Gold Medal Standard for EstroG-100 safety, efficacy, and performance. The North American market has not seen a botanical with two solid human clinical studies in quite some time."

All inquiries may be directed to [email protected] and we can discuss the prospects of sending over our clinical studies for commercial review. Mr. Jeffers will be attending Expo West March 11-13.

Helios Corp specializes in taking herbal and nutritional components with a printed, provable, cultural history and in turn we evaluate these potential ingredients for safety, efficacy, and performance, all done in a clinical format with specific protocols, end points and results. Helios is in step with the ever changing regulations that exist or are evolving in the North Americas. All claims and results are consistent with our clinical studies as submitted on our web sight or published in the public domain up to the date of entry.

Helios Corp, Michael Jeffers, [email protected]
Phone Contact: Tina Somes, 812-330-1525

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