Europharma Creates New Education Council Featuring Decker Weiss NMD and Cheryl Myers RN

In an effort to give health food retailers and physicians around the country the most current scientific information on natural products, EuroPharma has enlisted respected industry experts Decker Weiss NMD and Cheryl Myers RN to serve on its newly formed Education Council. The two longtime health professionals will conduct seminars across the country providing insights, articles and the latest research on today’s most popular natural medicines, as well as and up-and-coming products and ingredients.

“Science changes daily, so it’s important to stay current,” said EuroPharma President Terry Lemerond. “It can be difficult to keep up to date on the newest information. That’s where Decker and Cheryl can help. They have their fingers on the pulse of science and the latest research. They’ll share their deep knowledge of natural medicine and supplements with retailers and professionals, who in turn, can share this valuable information with their customers.”

Dr. Decker Weiss is the chief medical officer at Better Heart, Better Life, a natural medicine-based medical center focused on reversing heart and autoimmune disease, as well as controlling and eliminating inflammation and pain without medication. He is the first naturopathic physician to perform a conventional internship, residency and fellowship in cardiology, becoming the country’s first naturopathic cardiologist. Dr. Weiss previously served as consulting staff at the Arizona Heart Hospital for more than 10 years while

building an international reputation as an author and lecturer. His concern over the safety of pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory medicines led him to EuroPharma, a leader in safe, highly effective pain and inflammation products.

Cheryl Myers is a registered nurse with clinical certifications in oncology and gerontology, and a degree in psychology. A recognized expert in the health and dietary supplement field, Myers previously served as Vice President of Health Sciences and Chief Technical Spokesperson for Enzymatic Therapy.

As a longtime industry spokesperson, Myers assists in translating scientific information into direct health applications, both in product development and education. She has lectured extensively on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as pain control. A prolific writer, Myers has addressed a wide variety of health applications for natural products in nationally published articles. She has also been a featured guest on more than 200 radio shows, and is frequently interviewed by a variety of mainstream and trade publications. Cheryl’s website is an educational resource for the savvy reader interested in natural health news delivered with insight and wit.

EuroPharma offers clinically proven and effective nutritional supplements and natural remedies that improve the health of America. Throughout his 40-year career, President and Founder Terry Lemerond has created more than 300 high-quality formulations all backed by scientific validation, many that are unique, proprietary and occasionally patented. Lemerond was the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate, IP-6, black cohosh for menopause, and the concept of botanical standardization to the U.S. health food market. For more information on the company and its entire product line, visit

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