EXCELABRAIN(TM) Natural Brain Health Product Launched

Richardson, TX – Raztore Company, Richardson, TX, proudly announces the introduction of EXCELABRAIN™, the world’s first all natural, liquid, herbal-based, dietary supplement, specifically designed to promote good brain health for adults of all ages. Formulated with plant extracts and all natural ingredients, and with no caffeine or sugar, EXCELABRAIN™ is already the class leader in natural, healthy, brain supplements, designed to improve focus, attention, and memory.

“EXCELABRAIN™ was carefully and uniquely formulated based on extensive research to support the entire brain. And, science has shown that feeding, exercising, and supporting the most important organ in our body - our brain - is critically important”, said Jeff Branch of Raztore. “So far, we have had many customers tell us that EXCELABRAIN™ has provided remarkable improvements with their brain health and performance ranging from attention and learning, both at school and at work, to improvement in their golf game”, Branch added.

Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra, said, “We have enjoyed partnering with Raztore, a very exciting company that is truly excited about helping adults maintain and improve their brain health, and thus adding measurably to their quality of life. In addition, we are elated that our SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and our AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoral Choline (A-GPC), both highly efficacious brain support ingredients, are used as keynote ingredients in this unique formulation.”

Raztore is a leading developer and marketer of natural, healthy, and distinctive, dietary supplements that are targeted to lifestyle specific people of all ages. The company plans to launch other novel nutritional products in the near future, which will incorporate health benefiting, cutting-edge ingredients.

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Jeff Branch; Raztore Company
Ph: 972.437.3550
[email protected]
Julie Montzka; Chemi Nutra
Ph: 651.407.0400
[email protected]

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