Fenchem is Set to Enter the Collagen Market

Fenchem is set to launch their fish collagen in the US and EU.

Fenchem fish collagen peptide is derived from fishskin and scales of cod that lived more than one hundred meters under the sea. Compared with animal collagen, Fenchem fish collagen peptide poses less risk from BSE, foot and mouth disease and bird flu.

Fenchem adopts protease to decompose the fish collagen into small collagen peptide with molecular weight around 3000 Dalton. Moreover, different from traditional acid and alkali technology, protease degradation method avoids the destruction of collagen space structure and the loss of the effective amino acid and thus the bioactivity can be well protected.

Collagen is an important protein that exists ubiquitously in the body. It is naturally contained in high amounts in the skin, bone, joint cartilage, tendons, and occupies one third of total body protein. It can be applied to such fields as food, nutrition and health care products, cosmetic, medicines and so on to maintain youthfulness, health and beauty.

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