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Fit 4 You(TM) Kit from Hatch, Inc. Helps Educators Create Successful Programs That Combat Early Childhood Obesity

Fit 4 You(TM) (, an exclusive, activity-based kit developed by Hatch(R) ( and endorsed by the USDA MyPyramid Partners program, provides early childhood teachers with ideas for classroom activities that help to combat childhood obesity by increasing children's physical activity and teaching them how to plan meals by making healthy food choices based on the USDA's MyPyramid guidelines. Hundreds of classrooms across the country have implemented Fit 4 You(TM) into their fitness and nutrition programs with great success.

"Fit 4 You(TM) is an all-inclusive way to incorporate fitness and nutrition into the classroom," notes Elizabeth Moore, Operations Director of the Early Learning Coalition of Marion County in Ocala, Florida. Ms. Moore facilitates interactive training for child care providers to demonstrate the activities in Fit 4 You(TM) and stress the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles to young children.

"We use the fitness gym included in Fit 4 You(TM) as a classroom center," stated Cristine Zawatson, Principal of the Blackheath Pre-Kindergarten Program, part of the Long Beach, NY Public School System. "Children enjoy the materials picturing other physically active children. The comprehensive program incorporates literature and ties fitness and nutrition into areas across the curriculum."

Fit 4 You(TM) contains a wide range of developmentally-appropriate products that integrate with over 50 detailed activities, as well as a teacher guide that is divided into three sections: Fitness Inside the Classroom, Fitness Outside the Classroom and Fitness at Home. Instructions help teachers fully utilize the materials by showing how to use them in different ways, multiple times and in correlation to NAEYC standards and Head Start Child Outcomes. Fit 4 You(TM) is also aligned with the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines for Nutrition.

For more information please contact Kami Periman at (800) 624-7968, ext. 1116 or email

Hatch(R) believes in supporting educators while developing young minds. Founded in 1982, Hatch is the nation's leading provider of appropriate technology in early childhood classrooms and markets a full line of early childhood developmentally-appropriate products. Hatch is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service, support and training.

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