FORTIGEL® - The Joint Health Revolution

GELITA presents new therapeutic agent at Vitafoods.

FORTIGEL® is the only active ingredient which specifically stimulates cartilage metabolism and enhances the synthesis of cartilage cells. In this way FORTIGEL® is an extraordinary powerful therapeutic agent counteracting the progressive loss of cartilage tissue.

This unique effect of FORTIGEL® in the treatment of degenerative Joint diseases has been confirmed in numerous international pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted by independent and renowned research institutes, such as the Collagen Research Institute (CRI) in Kiel, Germany, Penn State University, Harvard University, and Tufts Medical Center in Boston, USA. Moreover, recent study results with sports people putting heavy stress on their joints demonstrates not only pain reduction and increased mobility but also a performance increase of 1%.

Visit the FORTIGEL® booth number 434 at Vitafoods May 5 – 7, 2009 in Geneva and see how your product range can profit form the outstanding properties of this functional ingredient.

For further information please contact:
Michael Teppner
Corporate Communication/PR
Uferstrasse 7
69412 Eberbach, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)6271 84 2190
Fax: +49 (0)6271 84 2718
[email protected]

Company information:

GELITA AG is the world's leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen hydrolysate and maintains production facilities in Europe, North America, South America and the Asian-Pacific Basin. The group employs some 2800 people worldwide.

Gelatine is a valuable collagenous protein that is used in the areas of foodstuffs, health/pharmaceuticals and photography. Products containing gelatine are e.g. gummy bears, cakes, aspic products, health bars, fitness beverages for joint nutrition, pharmaceutical capsules for vitamins and medication as well as classical photographic film, paper and special paper for ink-jet printers.

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