Gnosis Builds Ingredient Portfolio Emphasizing Cardiovascular and Heart Health

As recent reports indicate the growing worldwide demand for cardiovascular and heart health products, Italian-based Gnosis, an advanced biotechnology company, has built a strong portfolio of cardiovascular health ingredients targeted to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. These ingredients include Biokyn™ natural nattokinase, VitamK7™ natural vitamin K2 as MK7, and HI-QTEN™ high bioavailable Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). For VitamK7™ and HI-QTEN™, Gnosis has conducted clinical studies demonstrating their unique properties. Clinical studies with VitamK7 have shown it to be involved with the gamma carboxylation pathway helping to reduce the incidence of arterial calcification. HI-QTEN™ studies have demonstrated its increased bioavailability compared to other forms of CoQ10.

“Our goal is to be pro-active and anticipate market and customer needs,” said Paolo Malesani, Ph.D., director of marketing and sales for Gnosis. “With our current and future portfolio of cardiovascular health ingredients, we offer manufacturers proprietary ingredients with significant market growth opportunity.”

Founded in 1989 with a commitment to Research & Development, Gnosis has rapidly developed a significant portfolio of ingredients through its natural fermentation processes. Operating in two world-class facilities focused on R&D and manufacturing, Gnosis strives to be at the forefront of advanced biotechnologies through commercialization of the highest quality active principles through innovative production processes. It’s this dedication that allows Gnosis to produce high-quality, proprietary and clinically-supported products for its customers. Gnosis manufacturing facilities are in compliance with cGMP and ICH guidelines.

“Not only is Gnosis focused on exceeding industry manufacturing standards, but we’re also committed to actively supporting our products through ongoing clinical trials,” says Malesani.

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