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Healthy Baltic Babies

A new probiotic dietary supplement for infants is the latest result of the close working partnership between Chr. Hansen and the Latvian company Sagitus.

Company Sagitus Ltd. is now ready with a line extension for babies of its successful “LIVEO” probiotic dietary supplement.

Since the company launched this product line for kids and adults in late 2007 it has gained so much popularity in the Baltic region that Dr Zvaigzne, Director of Sagitus Ltd, has decided to market a special product for infants from 0-2 years old.

Naturally occurring in the gut
A medical doctor himself, Dr Zvaigzne, Director of Sagitus, knows how important a well balanced intestinal flora is to the immune system and the general wellbeing for humans - not least to babies, who often suffer from colic.

The new “LIVEO” satches for infants contain Chr. Hansen’s well-documented health promoting strain BB-12®. This bifidobacterium is a natural inhabitant of the infant flora and one of the best clinically documented probiotic strains in the world.

Proven health benefits
“The high level of documentation gives us the opportunity to stand out by showing the medical society that our products are superior on the market in terms of having a positive effect on the intestinal health for babies,” explains Dr Zvaigzne.

“We are the only company offering a powdered probiotic product in sachets for this age group. The powder form is easy to administrate for the parents. They only have to dissolve two satches a day in a small amount of cool liquid and feed the baby with it,” he explains.

With the new product for infants Sagitus brings innovative products to the Baltic consumers of all ages. “We are positioning LIVEO family as "LIVEO - probiotic expert" since we are the only company to promote documented strain probiotics,” concludes Dr Zvaigzne.

Growing interest in probiotics
At pace with the increasing focus on health, the global market for probiotic dietary supplements is developing rapidly. Also in the Baltic region the interest in probiotic products is growing, and the Chr. Hansen/Sagitus working partnership has several new products in the pipeline for the near future.

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