Herbal Lotion Addresses Rash and Eczema

With the recent concern that steroidal, cortisone-based rash and eczema creams cause skin cancer, millions of people are left wondering how to best treat eczema and rashes. Cortisone creams often relieve the symptoms but don't produce long-term remission from dermatitis. Such creams leave the skin in a more delicate condition. Frustration over how to safely treat dermatitis led master herbalist Steven Frank to develop herbal lotion for eczema.

Mr. Frank designed the new lotion to relieve the symptoms of eczema and rashes while attacking fungi, viruses and bacteria and encouraging the body to build new healthy skin over the region. "Research suggests that eczema is caused by a symbiotic relationship between a virus and either a common fungus or bacteria," Frank says as he describes his approach. "The objective for an herbalist is to find natural ingredients that will stop fungi, viruses and bacteria and combine them with herbs that relieve inflammation." Frank does just that in his formulation for Rash Relief ™. Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies verify this with dramatic cases of remission. In some cases, study participants with rashes that defied conventional treatment for years saw them disappear in a matter of a week or two.

Of course an important aspect of the product is whether it reduces the pain and itch that often accompanies dermatitis. The study showed reduction in the symptoms within minutes after application of the lotion. The mean reduction in symptoms from week one to week three between the test and control groups showed a significance factor of five times better (p<0.01) than the threshold of relevance. "Relieving the symptoms is certainly important," Frank concedes. "But equally important is to help the body rebuild the skin so that it can keep out the invading viruses and bacteria."

The write-up of the clinical study results can be viewed on the Nature's Rite web site at www.Natures-Rite-Remedies.com. The Rash Relief™ product is gentle enough to be used on children and no adverse events were noted throughout the entire duration of the study. For more information about Rash Relief™ or to schedule an interview with Steve Frank, please call Caitlin Gallagher at (888) 465-4404 or email marketing@natures-rite-remedies.com

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