High grades PS( Phosphatidyl Serine) by Enzymotec

Enzymotec announces that it can supply a pharma grade PS (phosphatidylserine) ,up to 99% purity, cost effectively.

These high grades PS become part of the Sharp●PS™ line of products, which are being produced under high quality standards and comply with current GMO free European regulations.

These high grades enable manufacturers to produce smaller capsules or save head space for additional ingredients. They are also better suitable for pharmaceutical applications. All PS grades are highly stable, easily tableted and have long shelf life. The new grades are available in powder form and characterized by excellent flow ability and color.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, which is developing and producing health ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods. The company's leading products categories are: InFatTM for balance nutrition in infant formula, Sharp●PS™ for cognitive performance improvement of seniors and CardiaBeatTM offering a broad health effect to reduce CVD risks.

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