Hints of things to come in the functional ingredients industry

Mainstream momentum
'Better for you' foods, such as organic and light or low-calorie foods and beverages, will be among the fastest-growing food trends over the next decade, according to NPD, a market research firm that has been tracking American eating trends for 30 years.

The elephants in the room
The average American is 23 pounds overweight and collectively, Americans are 4.6 billion pounds overweight (the equivalent of 460,000 circus elephants), according to Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control. House and Senate bills to overhaul the nation's health system both include money for community programs to prevent obesity.

The Leonardo Academy, which has been involved in drafting sustainability standards for other industries, including casinos and gaming, is working on an American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture under the rules of the American National Standards Institute to come up with a definition for the term 'sustainable agriculture.'

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