Holistic Nutritional Solutions VivaPrime, Advanced and Holistic Nutritional Supplements to Launch in the USA

VivaPrime, a global expert in promoting holistic healthcare and a leading manufacturer of holistic nutritional supplements will launch in the United States in March 2010. VivaPrime will offer Americans a range of condition-specific holistic nutritional solutions™ that will be available in health food stores nationwide as well as online atwww.vivaprime.net. A true global pioneer, VivaPrime has expertise in the areas of medicine, natural healthcare, nutrition and formulation. They have brought together an expert team of medical leaders and naturopaths to develop highly effective natural supplements to address 11 specific health conditions.

Empowering Americans
Although Americans are divided on healthcare reform, the public dialogue has increased health awareness for all Americans and has placed an emphasis on how many Americans are at serious risk when it comes to their health. 46.3 million Americans are uninsured. Millions more suffer from costly and debilitating illnesses that could be managed if they were embracing wellness and living a healthy and balanced life. Throughout this healthcare debate, some alarming information about the general wellness of the American population has been revealed, and it is becoming increasingly important for Americans to take an active role in their health.

Today, more than 90 million Americans suffer from high stress levels. That's nearly one-third of the population, and with the pressures of a poor economy, that number is on the rise. High stress is linked to cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure and diabetes, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Even more disturbing is the fact that more than 80 million people suffer from one or more cardiovascular diseases.

Wellness programs and attention to prevention measures are becoming paramount. Americans, who have taken a keen interest in mind wellness with yoga and motivational speakers and authors, will need to evolve from "self help" to "self health." An era of self health is needed, and it can significantly reduce the risk of deadly medical conditions. 127 million adults in the United States are overweight and nearly one third of all Americans are obese. These are statistics that cannot be ignored, and the reality is that a new healthcare bill and tax dollars will be crippled under that weight. Every American is going to have to do his or her part in creating a healthier tomorrow. A holistic approach to a balanced diet, exercise and proven natural supplements can help to set Americans in the right direction.

The Team
VivaPrime's innovative product line is the brainchild of the company's CEO, Akshay Mehta, and developed by a multi-disciplined expert team of doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists, herbalists and chemists. The team brings a profound understanding and decades of experience in scientific research, knowledge of human health systems, and nutritional requirements. The VivaPrime team is passionate about ongoing research to improve products with new knowledge and scientific discoveries from around the word delivering the most cutting edge solutions.

The Formulas
VivaPrime is dedicated to bringing the most efficacious health formulas to the market, and they do this through resource commit¬ment, state of the art research, high quality ingredient sourcing, advanced manufacturing and testing processes and new product formulation. All of the ingredients used in VivaPrime's formulas are evidence based with human trials. The formulas are designed with optimum dosages of each carefully identified ingredient—which means the amount of each ingredient is ideal to address specific health conditions. The formulas also offer comprehensive cohesion between the selected ingredients in each product to enhance and transform your body's ability to attain and stay at the peak of health. By offering products for optimum wellness, as well as products specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs for specific health conditions such as heart health, eye health, healthy blood glucose levels, brain health, healthy weight management, optimal immune health etc., VivaPrime makes it convenient to take charge of your health. Consumers can feel confident that they are taking a nutritional supplement that delivers the best-in-dass of self health care.

"Through our ongoing commitment to all areas of natural science research, the VivaPrime line of condition-specific supplements marries ancient, natural herbs that have been around for thousands of years and innovative science and technology to aid in the maintenance of a healthy and well balanced lifestyle," says Akshay Mehta.

The new VivaPrime products launching in the USA in 2010 are:
Vision Maintains healthy eyes and vision
Cardio Supports heart health
Beauty Promotes youthful, radiant skin, hair & nails
Neuro Supports brain function and memory
Glucozone Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels
ImmuPlus Advanced support for healthy immune function
Trim Supports healthy weight management
Digest Promotes digestive health
Relax Eases stress and supports sleep quality
Ultiman Advanced daily nutrition for men
Ultiwoman Advanced daily nutrition for men

Our Charity Partner
One in three children world¬wide is undernourished. VivaPrime has partnered with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization, who reduces child mortality by providing infants and children under five with essential nutrients. They help children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives. VivaPrime donates 1 % of every sale to Vitamin Angels towards ending malnutrition in children, www.vitaminangels.org

About VivaPrime:
VivaPrime is a cutting edge leader in advanced scientific and holistic nutritional health products. We believe that wellbeing is a universal right and a worldwide need. Guided by industry experts, VivaPrime's Indian based mother company Mission VivaCare Limited has been in the healthcare business since 1992, establish¬ing itself as a company that produces breakthrough, high quality, efficacious healthcare products; promoting wellness of body, mind & spirit. VivaPrimes׳ products will be available in more than 20 countries by mid 2010. More information about VivaPrime and Mission VivaCare Limited is available at www.vivaprime.net

VivaPrime Benefits at a Glance
• Evidence based Natural Ingredients in Optimum Dosage
• Created by Team of Experts
• Breakthrough Innovative Holistic Solutions
• Multi Ingredient Condition Specific Nutrients for Overall Wellness
• Backed by High Science, Manufacturing and Testing
• Combines the benefits of groundbreaking Science and ancient traditional wisdom
• Individual blister packed to protect potency
• Individual Blister Packed • Vegetarian • No Preservatives
• No GMO • No Dairy • No Gluten • No Nut s • No Eggs
• No Fish • No Added Sugar/Sweetener • No Aflatoxins

• No Artificial Colors /Flavors • No Sulphites • Halal Certified

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