Holiztic Launches Skin Nutriance, a Powerful Anti Aging Vitamin Supplement for Healthy and Youthful Looking Skin

April 10, 2010 -- Holiztic recently launched the first of their vitamin cocktail products, Skin Nutriance, which focuses on key nutrients for healthy, younger looking skin. This simplified supplement complements topical skin care products as Skin Nutriance works from inside the body outwards.

Skin NutrianceThe product formula includes key ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Pycnogenol, Vitamin B complex, Vitamins A, C, D ,E, Co Q10, Primrose Oil, and Zinc to provide skin protection, regeneration, and maintenance.

Skin Nutriance provides skin protection, regeneration, and maintenance.
Initially offered at their online store, Skin Nutriance will soon be offered in select venues including spas and dermatologists' offices.

About Holiztic:

Holiztic is a New York based company concerned with the state of American nutrition and health care as well as the effects of aging to the body. Holiztic takes a holistic and preventative approach for a practical nutritional lifestyle which balances a healthy diet and nutritional intake with effective supplements combating exposure to external environment factors such as stress, toxins, sun exposure, and free radicals.
Research indicates that the dosages of multivitamins are not sufficient to combat and/or help prevent specific challenges as recommended by top nutritionists and doctors. Frequently many people were not only taking the multivitamins, but they were supplementing them with additional dosages of individual vitamins as well as adding other supplements which are not normally found in multivitamins and sold separately. Holiztic found that creating these "cocktails" provide the key elements to the company's approach to simplified supplements:
Efficiency: Key ingredients in an all-in-one cocktail form.
Effectiveness - Utilization of minimal key ingredients in effective dosages vs. many in low, ineffective dosages.
Consumer Value – All-in-one pricing vs. individual ingredient pricing.

Holiztic has taken great care to ensure that vitamin ingredients with potential toxic effects at large dosages are offered at minimal effective dosages as recommended.

About the Founder:

Liz Nica, founder of Holiztic, was herself exposed to nutritional education at an early age. The daughter of a physician and a nutritionist, Liz was already exposed to healthy nutrition prior to birth as her mother, the nutritionist, increased her intake of papaya, a fruit containing a high level of Vitamin C. Even at birth, the nurses showed an appreciation to Liz's skin, which her mother attributed to the papaya diet. Liz's mother practiced a balanced nutritional program for all her children, which Liz continues in her adult years.
A graduate of Loyola University of Chicago with a Major in Biology and Minor in Chemistry, Liz's molecular biology professor introduced her to his extensive research on the effects of vitamins and nutrition on cancer patients. Again this further encouraged Liz’s lifestyle on nutrition.

As Liz approached her late 30's, she found that maintaining the proper nutritional intake was countered with lower metabolism and weight gain which did not occur in her younger years. Successfully climbing the corporate ladder and her extensive worldwide travel did not allow her to increase her exercise regimen. She then realized that she needed to reduce her caloric intake and find additional sources for her nutrients. Liz began taking vitamin supplements.

Upon taking the supplements, Liz experienced increased energy and vitality, and also found that she did not get sick as often (her cold medicines were expiring past their 2-3 year mark unopened) in spite of her extensive travel schedule in planes and exposure to sick people close to her.

Although Liz's daily skin care regimen included moisturizers since her twenties, Liz began concentrating on supplements for skin based on recommendations from dermatologists and nutritionists. She knew that her good fortune to have been born of Pacific Islander parents was challenged being raised in the harsh winters of the Midwest, exposed to sun sports such as sailing and snorkeling, living in the stressful environment of New York City, and extensive international travel. Her intake of such vitamin supplements resulted in continued compliments on look and feel of her skin. Close to fifty, she is often mistaken to be in her early thirties.

Liz's professional experience and research has inspired the start of Holiztic simplified supplements, dedicated to supplying vitamin cocktail combinations that provide key nutritional formulas to assist the body for specific challenges. Skin Nutriance is the first in this series of nutritional supplements that she has developed.

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