Hyabest® (J) - Recent Research supports efficacy for Knee Osteoarthritis

TOKYO― Q.P. Corporation has developed an innovative hyaluronic acid specially designed for those with knee osteoarthritis - Hyabest®(J). For this product, they recently obtained 8-week clinical data based on a WOMAC randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, which followed a successful result obtained earlier from a similar trial in Japan (JKOM).

The trial results indicated that Hyabest®(J) , at both 200mg/day dosage and 100mg/day dosage, contributed to significant improvement in all scores of WOMAC. Furthermore, the researchers did an exploratory analysis for the subgroup (moderate-to-severe condition subjects). Efficacy for this group of people was noticeable, according to Q.P. Corporation.

The company is also explaining the suspected mechanism of action for Hyabest®(J) and has made a noteworthy trial determining how Hyabest®(J) could potentially retard the advancement of osteoarthritis .

This comprehensive information will be shown to visitors to the Q.P. Corporation booth at Natural Products Expo West at Anaheim 6-8th March, 2008.

The company is also preparing for the publishing of the results of these studies in an upcoming issue of the Journal of New Remedies and Clinics.

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