Introducing LipoxanThin(TM) - Fucoxanthin (LipoxanThin™) From Deep Sea Water Cultivated Brown Marine Vegetables Shown To Promote Fat Loss In Human Study

Specialty Nutrition Group Appointed Commercialization Partner

BOCA RATON, Florida, September 18, 2006- Promising new research from Japanese and Russian scientists demonstrates that fucoxanthin, a natural unique carotenoid specific to brown marine vegetables, possesses strong thermogenic properties. Fucoxanthin induces UCP1 protein genes expression, which may contribute to dietary weight reduction and healthy weight management.

A research paper presented at last week’s American Chemical Society meeting by Japanese researchers demonstrated the potential for white fat tissue (WAT) reduction by adding fucoxanthin from brown marine vegetables to the diets of experimental animals. Even more promising research is pending publication in the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. In this new, human clinical trial, a patent-pending extract of fucoxanthin called LipoxanThin™ showed promising results for fat loss in humans. This double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 140 obese female demonstrated statistically significant reduction in liver fat, body fat and body weight versus placebo after 16 weeks. This study is pending publication by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and was recently presented for National Academy Scientific Award for the best clinical trial of the year.

Dr. Sergey Grachev (Prof. of Medicine, MD) and Dr. Musa Abidov (Professor of Medicine, MD) at First Medical Academy and Institute of Immunopathology, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences the primary researcher for the Russian study, commented, “It is important to note that the benefits of brown marine vegetables are the result of Fucoxanthin, the active component. The observed effect is specific to fucoxanthin and was not found in other carotenoids. LipoxanThin™ is extracted from selected species of edible brown marine vegetables cultivated in unique advanced marine biotechnological methods and extracted using a proprietary process developed over the past seven years to create a highly concentrated natural fucoxanthin – 500% higher than wildcrafted seaweed. Seaweed in the wild contains just 0.01-0.02% fucoxanthin, so other seaweed products will not provide the same results.”

National Bioscience USA has appointed Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. (SNG) as the exclusive commercialization partner and patent assignee for LipoxanThin™ (also called Xanthigen™) in the U.S. and worldwide retail market. “We are honored to work with Dr. Ramazanov in bringing this product to U.S. consumers”, noted Greg Horn, President of SNG. “LipoxanThin™ has the rare combination of safety, strong science, human clinical proof, patent-pending protection, and proprietary cultivation, and offers exciting potential as a natural product for the epidemic obesity in the United States.”

About Brown Marine Vegetables

Brown marine vegetables have been used in the Oriental and Russian diet since ancient times. Epidemiological studies strongly suggest that the high consumption of marine vegetable derived products may be a contributing factor in their well-established, low incidence of breast cancer (64% lower), prostate cancer (75% lower) and mortality rate related to obesity (98% lower) in these countries as compared to Americans.

About LipoxanThin™

LipoxanThin™ is the first marine thermogenic - a proprietary concentrate of fucoxanthin from specially selected strains of deep sea water cultivated brown marine vegetables grown under closely controlled conditions in special photobioreactors in the pristine Canary Islands, 1,000 miles from Europe. The combination of proprietary cultivation and extraction creates an all-natural extract with pharmacologically effective levels of fucoxanthin, along with other marine carotenoids violaxanthin and neoxanthin and marine omega-3 essential fatty acids. This unique marine vegetable extract is combined with Granatoil™- proprietary pomegranate seed oil extract that is synergistically enhances its effectiveness.

The Science

Metabolically, fucoxanthin promotes the induction of UCP1-mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1. Fucoxanthin upregulates the expression of UCP1 gene expression in WAT thus contributing to reduced white adipose tissue weight.

By stimulating the expression of the UPC-1 gene in WAT, fucoxanthin promotes thermogenesis (fat burning) in white fat cells. White fat cells are those that accumulate in the liver and around the belly as a result of overweight or obesity. Unlike caffeine, ephedra, and other stimulants, the thermogenic effect from LipoxanThin™ is achieved without stimulating the central nervous system – so there are no jitters, loss of sleep, or overstimulation.

About National Bioscience Corporation

National Bioscience Corporation is a leading discovery and development company serving the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industries with comprehensive research and development services. Lead by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, Professor in Marine Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, President of National BioSciences USA consistently creates product innovations of the highest integrity in both science and marketability. Dr. Ramazanov is an accomplished researcher, with over 140 scientific studies published in journals worldwide. His previous research and development successes in the nutraceutical field include bringing Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, patented Aralia mandshurica, natural Lycopene, marine beta-carotene, and unique fruit derived flavonoids Myricetin and Mangiferin to the world markets.

About Specialty Nutrition Group

Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. is a nutrition brand building firm focused on commercializing innovative, IP-protected nutritional technologies. SNG acts as co-development partner with consumer products and nutrition companies to rapidly commercialize nutrition innovations, represents academic institutions and individual inventors to find new commercial applications for their inventions, and develops its own brands for commercial launch in the nutraceutical market. The professionals of Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. have been responsible for launching new nutraceutical products with current annual retail sales of over $1.0 billion.

For more information, contact David Mastroianni at Specialty Nutrition Group: [email protected] or (561) 447-4445 x103.

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