Introducing A New Ingredient Against Oxidative Stress

5th Mar. 2007, BERKEM (Gardonne - FRANCE) – Powergrape®, a unique grape extract studied for its antioxidant potency. A prospective clinical study showed a significant improvement of the antioxidant status in sportsmen during competition period with 400 mg of Powergrape® per day.

Berkem, French polyphenols specialist since 1964, has developed Powergrape®, a grape extract standardized in Polyphenols and Flavanols. “The extraction process of Powergrape® has been especially studied in order to obtain specific and unique ratios between the various families of Polyphenols and consequently to guarantee a unique and active ingredient,” explained Benoit Lemaire, the Business Director of Berkem.

Powergrape®’s antioxidant potency has been evaluated in a clinical study on sportsmen during competition period. Various plasma biomarkers of oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity were measured, such as:
- vitamins C and E;
- reduced (GSH) and oxidized (GSSG) glutathion;
- superoxide dismutase and glutathion peroxidase, endogenous antioxidant enzymes;
- ubiquinone, an important antioxidant involved in the energy production in cells.
The total hydrophile and lipophile antioxidant capacities were also measured.

Results have brought to light a significant decrease of oxidative stress induced by physical exercise, particularly during competition period. A significant increase of the lipophile antioxidant capacity, vitamin C and ubiquinone, to 14%, 60% and 96% respectively, was notably reported after three weeks of supplementation with Powergrape®.
The increase of the plasmatic vitamin C results in a significant increase of the vit.C/vit.E ratio. This ratio attests the enhancement of the sportsmen’s antioxidant status.
“Interestingly, we also can note a significant reduction of the oxidized glutathion level”, reported Sophie Lafay, Ph.D. in Nutrition and Scientific Director of Berkem. “It results in a significant rise of the GSH/GSSG ratio, undeniable marking the sportsmen’s antioxidant status improvement”, she added.

These promising results led Berkem to initiate further complementary works that are still in process. A double blind, placebo controlled clinical study has been investigated to validate the efficacy of Powergrape® in sportsmen. The aim of this second clinical study is to associate Powergrape®’s supplementation to the improvement of performance and recovery capacity thanks to an oxidative stress reduction.

Powergrape ® is a new active ingredient of first choice for sport formulations. Powergrape® is a food ingredient perfectly suited for use in dietary supplements, and holds great potential to be used in functional foods and beverages.

Powergrape ® will be launched at Vitafoods 2007

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